Hitting the Road

Road head adventure — My boyfriend Hans and I decided to take a road trip across Arizona. We would camp under the stars, see the Grand Canyon, and of course check out all the weird little roadside attractions like the rattlesnake farms. I also wanted to surprise Hans by making it a world-class road head adventure!

We hit the road in our Acupulco Blue ‘67 Mustang. Hans shifted gears, and I turned up the radio, loud. It was Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” My eyes settled on his prize as we cruised down the highway and the sun battered the hood of our car. I smiled as I thought about making this a trip he would never forget. 

The Lizard King

I glanced over at Hans’s bulge. My man’s lizard was definitely an iguana, not a gecko. I moved my hand over to that lizard king and started rubbing. He groaned in pleasure and moved his hips in time with the music.

“Baby,” I said, “I want to make this the adventure of a lifetime… a road head adventure!” My hand rubbed harder as I gazed lovingly at Hans. His eyes flickered over my full red lips and my deep cleavage pushed up high in my tight little white crop top. “I won’t complain, babe,” he said. “Go for it, Sadie.” 

Guzzling that Junk

I unbuckled his belt, undid his button, and unzipped the fly. Out popped Hans’s raging boner, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head! No matter how many times I had seen that beautiful piece, it always thrilled me to my core. I couldn’t wait to guzzle that junk. Hans knew I was good at it because he had actually picked me up at a sisters blowjob contest last summer on the beach.

My red lips parted and my tongue darted out, flickering over the head of his cock. Drops of precum were already starting to form, and I drank them down like a hungry coyote. “Aoooo baby! I love giving you head on the road!” I cried out. Hans responded wordlessly with a hand on the back of my head, pushing me harder down onto his raging cock. 

The Road Stop

ZZ Top’s “Legs” came on the radio, and Hans came in my mouth. Hard. I sucked it all up like a good little bitch and drank it all down. Hans stroked my pretty red hair as I licked every last drop off his purple monster. “Good girl, Sadie,” he said. And to think, this was just the beginning of our road head adventure!

We saw a sign for a roadside sex shop. “Let’s stop there,” he said. I need to stretch my legs. “Perfect idea, my love,” I said, thrilled at the thought of a dirty little sex shop by the side of the road. What secrets might lurk in the nasty back rooms? Hans and I were sure to find out.

The Sex Shop

As we pulled our gorgeous classic car alongside this sleazy little sex shop, a cloud of dust rose from our squealing tires. We stretched out our legs and headed inside. A little old man tended the front counter. “Is there a back? Somewhere we can relax?” Hans asked. The man just pointed a grizzled finger to a busted door and tipped his big hat. 

The Glory Hole

We walked through to find a darkened room complete with a leather couch and a smutty movie projected on one wall. A blonde was getting her brains fucked out. “What’s that?” I asked, and pointed to a hole in the wall. “No,” Hans said, “It couldn’t be.”

We got closer. “Sadie, test it with your finger,” he said, so I stuck in my long index finger. It was wet! It felt like… a wet pussy! “Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed. Hans was already unzipping his pants. His raging hard boner popped out again as he approached the wall, stuck it in, and started fucking…

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