Risque Romps With Richard


No introduction needed. The thick accent gives it away every, single, time. I erupt with laughter. Trouble is headed my way like a runaway freight train and I can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store for me today. Never missing a beat Richard always knows how to encourage Mistress to be risque.

“Listen, I’m in the city right now but i’m on my way to the hotel. Be ready in 45 minutes. When I get there, no talking, get your ass right up on that stage and bada-bing-bada-boom, it’s showtime.” He says through a thick Jersey tongue. He hangs up and I know exactly what he means. Keep my whore mouth shut and get right to the goods when he walks through the door. See the thing about a Jersey born and bred boy, is that they don’t like waiting…..even on their Mistress. Walking into my penthouse suite closet I pick out something I know he’ll love. Flipping through all the latest fashions, I select my favorite new stilettos, lace stockings, thong, and matching bra. All courtesy of Ritchie of course. He always keeps the Mistress looking her best.  I order some champagne and check to make sure that my pedicure is looking good. When he walks through the door he knows to greet the Mistress with a kiss on her perfectly polished feet and so a perfect pedicure is a must. A knock at the door.

 “Room Service!”

The champagne is here, peeking through the peephole I notice two handsome gentlemen of African descent. I swing the door open and pull him in. Stunned by attire and forward gesture he stutters.

“My friend and I need a big black cocks to play with, you two look like you could fit the bill.” I say seductively grabbing both their packages and testing out their thick meat.

“This’ll do! To the Master Suite. Clothes off, Cocks out!” Their silence annoys me.

“Well do you want to have fun or not?”

They both nod in unison as they skip off to the bedroom. Fun we would have but they had no idea what kind was coming.

I pour myself a glass and grab my whip. Any minute now the King Of Jersey should be walking through the door. And right on time, I hear the door swing open.

“Greet Your Mistress.” I demand as I sit down and extend a stiletto clad, perfectly pedicured foot. He obliges with a kiss and a caress before removing an 8 ball from his pocket. Slowly and carefully he lines up a line off my delicate. A few snorts later, I’m in control and Ritchie is ready to get risque. I stand up and offer my whip in hand. He grabs it knowingly as I lead him to the Master Suite, I had some new friends I needed to introduce him too.