Risky public sex

Ready to take a little risk? I can help you drop your guard and give in to excitement. Let’s do something kinky. Are you ready to try something new? I’ll be honest I have always wanted to try risky public sex. I have the perfect roleplay for us to try. You be the customer and I will be the hot sales associate. I hope public sex doesn’t scare you because I love it. Your wife has left you in the store while she does her own shopping. I assist you to a dressing room where you can try on clothes. But I have had my eye on you since you entered the store. And when I see something I want I get it. Right now public sex with you is what I want. I am a very persistent girl too. Nothing will stop me from public sex with you.

You’re not the cheating husband type. Sure, you watch sex porn videos and fantasize about hot girls. But you have never actually cheated. Until now you have never had risky public sex. Truth is your sex life has been vanilla. I am going to change that. You think I am hot and you have a few dirty thoughts about me. Ready to make them all come true? While you were trying on clothes I may have been peeking over the wall. And I liked what I saw. Your hand was stroking that cock pretty hard. I barge into the fitting room. Now it’s just you and me in small fitting room together. Our public sex journey is about to begin. I shove you back into the wall. “Think you can be quiet.” I ask you. Then you nod yes and I drop to my knees.

Cock sucking sales associate

Before public sex I am going to suck that hard cock so good. My tongue circles around your cock head. Feel me toying with you? I look up at you as I stroke your cock into my mouth. Oral sex in public is so exciting to me. You must like it to you because you are moaning. Then I remind you to keep it quiet so we don’t get caught. After my teasing you can take it no longer. You push me up against the wall. Now your ready to give me that public sex.  my back is against the door and your cock is sliding inside me. You hear a familiar voice call out your name on the outside of the door. Right in the middle of our risky public sex adventure your wife is looking for you.

I wrap my legs around your waist and tell you to keep going.

You pause a moment to tell her your tying on clothes. But then you go right to fucking me. Isn’t it fun fucking me right under the wife’s nose? You then try to carry on a normal conversation without her knowing. She hasn’t caught on to us having public sex. Then you send her on a goose chase to find new outfits for you. While she goes on the search you fuck me harder. Before you cum I stuff a shirt into your mouth to muffle the groan you make. Then I sneak out of the dressing room before she returns. See how much fun public sex can be? My phone sex hotline is open. I am ready to play with you! Read all my favorite xxx sex stories here.