Ripped Nylons made my coworker Hard

Ripped Nylons- who knew how crazy they make some men? I have another job- I work at a catering company. We are required to wear nylons. It’s no big deal, I prefer to keep my legs bare but I need this job so I buy cheap dark nylons at the 99 cent store.

A few nights ago, I was there in my catering black skirt and low cut blouse. I put on my nylons and heels in the locker room before hitting the dining room for inspection. The head server checks us out and gives us the details for the night.

Once we were approved, I sat down and adjusted my hoes- they felt like they were twisted. I noticed the bartender was eyeing me. As I got up I must have snagged my nylons, although I didn’t even realize it. As I moved around the room, setting up the tables, I could feel his eyes following me. “Sara”, John called to me. “Could you come to see me at the bar?”

I went behind the bar to see what he wanted. “Um. you have a huge run in your nylons.

I’ve been watching it creep up your thigh.” I twisted around to see it. It was a huge run. “Fuck,” I said. Service was just about to start.

“Let me help you. You can use my back room.” John suggested.  He happened to have a fresh pair of nylons in his bag. I didn’t even ask him why he had them. I sat down and started to pull the old ones off. “Wait”. John said.  He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard already. He begged me to let him rip my nylons off at the crotch.

I let him. He ripped the crotch off and pulled my panties to the side. I was hoping he was going to fuck me but he stroked his huge rock hard cock, staring at my pussy and then he quickly came.

“Sorry, Sara but we have to get back to work. Next time you run your nylons- we will fuck.”

I smiled and quickly slid off the old pair of nylons and put on the new ones- and got back on the floor. I am pretty sure these nylons will rip soon!

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