Rice torture: you probably already have what we need in your cupboard.

I think I first learned about rice torture from an episode of Law & Order SVU, probably like a lot of people. In that case it was used a “tool” to discipline some poor, innocent, undeserving child by a deranged unfit parent, blah blah blah, of course . . . but the rice torture you’ll be (oh-so eagerly) enduring during our femdom phone sex call is a whole different kind. It’s deserved. It’s necessary. And it’s the perfect brutal pain crescendo to actually teach you a lesson . . . and to give you a chance to prove your loyalty to me, your perfect Mistress. How much rice torture will you endure for me?

In other words, how obedient can you really be(cum)??

STEP 1: Spread about a 1/2 cup of uncooked rice on the floor. Must be a hardwood floor, linoleum, etc.

STEP 2: Kneel on the rice. Doesn’t hurt at first, does it? Just feels kind of strange, an unfamiliar sensation. Keep kneeling, bitch.

STEP 3: What you’ll do next depends on my mood, how disobedient you’ve been, or what kind of training/divine guidance from Mistress you need today. Maybe we’ll do “reverse affirmations”? Maybe you’ll repeat a pathetic apology? I’ll just have you stay silent for once . . . or maybe I’ll have you count out loud for me as I listen to your pain threshold reaching new highs, each number wavering as you suffer more for me. For you, really, because you desperately NEED this. And yes, you’ll be saying “Mississippi, Mistress” after every count!

I love rice torture phone sex because it’s an extra layer of infantilizing degradation . . . a dehumanizing punishment usually reserved for children. You know Mommy / Mistress is only doing this for your own good, don’t you?


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke