Revenge sex with my lover was devastating! I bet you think it can only go one way right? Well, it didn’t for me.

Revenge sex was on my boyfriend Jim’s mind after he found some hot text messages between my lover Ken and me. I had no idea he had seen them. He gave zero inclination that anything was wrong. For the next couple of weeks, I got the cold shoulder from my lover. He was busy or he had plans.

I took Ken’s rejection pretty hard and tried to get closer to my boyfriend. Only even he was distant as well. Something just didn’t feel right. When Jim came to bed I would snuggle up close to him and fondle his cock. He didn’t get hard though. If anything he would pull away and roll over like a cold fish. I started to wonder what the fuck was wrong.

I figured Jim was cheating at this point and tried to figure out what he was up to. So I told Jim one day that I had to get to the store early and work very late. I didn’t actually have to work. I wanted to catch him in the act. So I sat in my rented car all day outside of our apartment just waiting to see who the slut was.

I finally saw a familiar car pull into my space. It was Ken!

Holy shit Ken must have come over thinking that Jim was gone to work. How stupid could he be? I panicked and couldn’t get out of my car fast enough. When I got a bit closer I saw our front door open. I ducked behind some bushes and saw Jim grab Ken by the top of his pants and haul him inside. The door banged shut behind them.

FUCK!!!! I was fucked! I knew Jim was probably beating the shit out of Ken. Ran to the door and unlocked it as quickly as I could. Funny enough I didn’t see either of them. In fact, all I could hear were groans. I crept closer to the moaning noise. It was coming from our bedroom. I opened the door slowly and found Ken and Jim fucking!

To this day I will never get the sound of their skin slapping together as Jim drove his hard cock into Ken’s ass. I stood there just watching my boyfriend and lover fuck with passion. I saw Ken cumming all over my bed moments before Jim did. Only Jim pulled out of Ken’s ass and jerked his load into Ken’s mouth.

When the guys finally realized I was watching everything they did, the whole truth came pouring out. Jim admitted he wanted to revenge fuck my lover, but it turned out he enjoyed Ken’s ass too much to not have it again.

It started out as revenge sex, but turn into a love affair.

In the end, I had Ken and Jim to play with. Sex was better without the secrets and seeing them taking turns on one another turned me on more than I expected!

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