Revenge Sex

Revenge sex is a dish best served hot! Its been a rough week. Between thinking you lost your Fiance, losing your mind, and getting mentally fucked, you are at the end of your rope. The worst part is you have been a better behaved girl than ever before, and all you get in return is shit on- and not even in a romantic way.

You decide drastic action is needed. Revenge sex. So, you do something you swore you wouldn’t do again- contact a long time friend to break the pattern. Of course, he is skeptical. You know he has wanted you for years, and you enjoy teasing him, but you now need him. You understand he can’t believe it, but you reassure him, this is no joke.

You set up a day and time, and can think of nothing else. Even when your fiance comes home, you are distracted. When he fucks you in the morning, all you can think of is getting new cock very soon to fill you. As soon as he leaves for the day, you call your friend and tell him to cum over.
You have nearly an hour, so you get in the shower, and clean yourself from head to toe. You shave your already smooth pussy and even shove a finger in your ass to make sure it’s clean- just in case. You step out of the shower and dry off- putting on some Vanilla lotion. Finally, as you are slipping into a negligee, you hear the door. It hasn’t been nearly long enough, but he is there. You look in the mirror and see you are busting out and nothing is left to the imagination.
You answer the door and enjoy the expression on his face. He is barely able to come in, but you take his hand and close the door. As soon as it closes, you feel his hands caressing you. You lean back into him, and let him feel you tits and crush your ass back against his erection. Your hands go behind your back and you grab him. As he moans he nibbles at your neck and ears. His fingers have your nipples hard as hell, and he is twisting them just right. You turn around and lock lips. It is electric as only a first kiss can be.
Now his hands go to your ass, and you grind your wet, hot pussy against him. You feel him straining in his pants, and undo his belt, letting his pants fall down. He steps out of them and his shoes, and you grab the tent made by his boxers. Meanwhile he yanks your hair back and is licking your neck and down. You whisper that we should get comfortable and lead him by his cock to the bedroom.
You slide off your lingerie, and crawl onto the bed. He stops you and begins to lick your pussy that is in his face. His beard and tongue feel so good. You push back as he inserts a finger inside you and licks your clit. Just then you lookup, and catch a glimpse of a picture on your night stand. It is you and your fiance with your parents. Next to it is just you and him. Suddenly a wave of guilt washes over you. Just as he has you on the edge of gushing, you lose it.
You ask him to stop, and he asks why? You try to think of something, but decide the truth is best. You tell him you can’t go thru with this anymore. You feel too guilty. This revenge sex is intense. You watch his erection fall and know he is crushed. You again explain it was a bad idea. He seems to be in a trance, and nods understanding. All of a sudden you look down and see he is hard again. Before you can wonder why, he jumps on top of you- shoving his boxers in your mouth. He reaches down and snaps your wrist into the under the bed restraint system you left sticking out.
With your arms locked and being gagged, you are helpless. You are shocked at him, and try to kick, but he is stronger than he looks and locks one leg down. The other he leaves free. You watch him get on top of you, and feel him enter you. You want to scream for him to put on a condom, but can’t. His bare cock feels good, and you can feel your pussy getting wet as he pumps. You stop fighting and relax. He shifts you to your side, and you realize he is about to fuck your ass with nothing but your pussy juice for lube. Again you struggle, but you are trapped. He look sin your eyes and tells you it’s ok- he knows you really want this, and shoves with all his weight up your ass. You feel it ripping and tearing, and that just lubricates his thrusts.
He grunts and sweats trying to work himself in your tight dry hole. Finally he gives up and sticks his cock back in your pussy. You are even wetter, and you can feel him getting closer. He drops your leg and lies on top of you- sucking and biting your nipples. He says he wants to fill your pussy with cum, and watch it leak out all over your bed, and have you suck him clean. You try closing your eyes, but he slaps your face- asking if you would do that. You nod, and smiles as you feel his cock erupt inside you. His cum flows through your pussy and leaks out. He trails his dripping cock up your stomach and tits.
Finally he takes the boxers out of your mouth, and shoves his soft cock in. As if reading your mind, he warns you if you bite, he will leave you here for your fiance to find you. You understand, and lick his balls and shaft. He mounts your face and you even lick his hairy ass, and balls. As you do, he gets hard again. He tells you to keep sucking, and s tarts fucking your mouth like a pussy. He isn’t that big, but still fills your mouth. You soon feel the twitch, and he cums in mouth. You swallow it as fast as he cums, and he rolls off.
He thanks you for a wonderful time and says he’s enjoyed being used for your revenge sex. He takes a few pics of your body leaking his cum. Β He then lets your leg free. When he goes to your arm, he gently frees it and cuddles behind you, letting you free your other arm. You are beat and cuddle back into him, flipping the pics down casually, and say, “There is still one hole that needs cum, can you do it?” I say probably soon, and ask if you are ready to ‘shower’ first. Revenge sex is always satisfying.

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