Revenge Rape Fantasy After Blackmail

Revenge rape. There totally is such a thing. So, last you heard, my friend came over with some blackmail photos of me kissing another girl at a party. But, now it was my turn to blackmail the son of a bitch right back.

I invited him over for dinner. I told him I wanted to talk about what had happened a few weeks prior. Now, I knew he had a new girlfriend so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

I kept it casual, I wore a pair of shorts and a tank top. I wasn’t going to try to seduce him. Oh no. I had other plans.

He came in. Sat down. Before I served him his food, I made sure to spike it first.

We ate together. He started to stammer a bit. Then he turned red in the face.

“You look, awful hun,” I told him with fake concern in my voice. “Here, I think you should lay down.”

I draped his arm over my shoulder and helped him to my bedroom. I laid him on his back and smiled.

“So, about the other day. You know, I was thinking about it a lot. I know I don’t like guys. Don’t like cock, but I really liked your cock.”

“I have a girlfriend.” He murmured.

I smiled. “That’s okay baby. She doesn’t have to know.” With that, I pulled out his half hard cock. As I stroked it he tried to protest, but it was hard for him to move. His hands and arms felt so heavy.

I wrapped my lips around his cock, pulled out my phone, and took a few selfies with it. He tried to protest incoherently, but I ignored him.

“How does it feel?” I snapped with venom in my voice.

As I fucked and rode that cock I took more pics of us for insurance and blackmail. See how that bastard liked it. I recorded a short video of him saying I’m the best fuck he’s ever had. My pussy was just too good to resist even though the drug had already warned off.

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