Revenge of Sleeping Beauty.

Mine is a tale of revenge… the revenge of Sleeping Beauty. Yes. That’s me. I have a fetish, so to speak, of making sexy, passionate love while in slumber. I’m not sure why, but it has always turned me on incredibly, to fake sleep while stretching into various positions to turn my lovers on. I walk around naked all day every day, but I feel my absolute sexiest at bedtime. That is when I roll over and back while moaning. Of course, it’s in my sleep! Haha.

However, it’s all a clever ruse aimed at the revenge of sleeping beauty. Getting his dick hard and giving him the ultimate control over me is the turn-on. Maybe it’s also a form of submission to his needs. That drives me crazy as well! With each sensual toss and turn, more of the silky sheets shift slowly down my body, until every part of me is revealed to him. I hear him softly sigh, but I remain in peaceful sleep. Feeling his eyes on me, he gently touches my ankles

The Revenge Of Sleeping Beauty Is So Sweet!

Oh, the revenge of Sleeping Beauty is so fucking sweet! At this time, I feel his hands slide slowly up my legs; his thumbs gently kneading into my thighs as his breathing beCUMS heavier. He is nearly panting by this time and it is so much harder for me to remain composed. But, this is all a leadup to our mind-blowing sex! Before, he just used his stupid little cornstarch pocket pussy. Haha. That was before he met me! Now, he feels in control of everything! So, that just makes me feel more powerful.

The revenge of sleeping beauty first started when he cheated on me with some phone sex girl that he didn’t know… was ME! I needed to make some eXXXtra cash to pay my bills and that was the ticket to my financial freedom. It pissed me off, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… right? LOL. I rocked fucking his world, but still, I couldn’t let on. So, in came my revenge on him. I was jealous of that other me and I needed him to pay! So, pay he did! Giggle. But, where was I? Oh, yeah. He glided his way to my sweet, wet thighs.

Payback By Way Of My Slutty Revenge…

Another yawn and stretch pushed my thighs open and the revenge of sleeping beauty took a beautiful turn. His fingers rubbed at my bulging clit and my hips rose to meet them. His mouth found my left nipple and another sigh parted my lips. Not THOSE lips… yet. Haha. My mouth opened and I whispered a name. No not his real name. I whispered the fake name he used when he called his phone sex girl, ME! He stopped right in his tracks as I peeped one eye open to see his confusion!

I enacted sleeping beauty’s revenge again seeing his hesitency. Moreover, it was all I could do not to laugh. I guess deep inside I was kind of turned on that he had chosen me AGAIN; even though he didn’t know that she, was me! I had to let him know that I knew he had called, but also that I forgave him because he had still picked me! Finally, I giggled and a look crossed his face when he put two and two together. We both laughed hysterically and he kissed me deeply.

Revenge Of Sleeping Beauty Was Complete.

I rolled him over and shimmied my cute little body down him until I reached his stiff dick and wrapped my mouth around it. Yum! I had never seen him that hard before. I sucked him within an inch of his life! Pre-cum bubbled like a fountain from his pee hole and I slurped it all up. Gripping my hips, he turned me around so he could feast on the sweet pussy he desired. We licked and laughed and sucked until we both exploded in ecstasy together.

I guess he needed to be taught a lesson. Even if his cheating… was with me! If you need to spice up your own sex life, try getting your woman to do a little phone play with you too. If she’s not sure how to get it started, point her in my direction! Or, maybe try taking her in her sleep! Giggle. Either way, call me today and I can play sleep with YOU!


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