I love to get away for a holiday. I just got back from spending the 4th of July with friends. We rented a beach house and had a great time so, when we all packed up to leave early this morning of course I didn’t want to go. My friend Sammy drove me and my friend Courtney back and he hates pulling over at rest stops but, I had to piss so bad after drinking so much yesterday that I basically made his ass pull over.

As he was pulling into the parking lot of the rest stop I could see that there were a lot of big trucks parked. My bladder was about to explode so me and Courtney ran to the bathroom. It felt so good to release that piss from my bladder. I felt like crying, that’s how good it felt LOL! Anyway as we were leaving the women’s restroom a guy approached us from the other side of the rest area. He was friendly looking. Tall, dark and semi-muscular. He asked me and my girlfriend if we wanted to make some quick money. We looked at each other then back at him and said sure why not! That’s when he gave us the run down on how to make $100 each. He told us that him and some other truckers were horny and wanted to have some glory hole fun.

He told us that all we would have to do was either suck or fuck either of the 2 cocks that came through the glory hole in the bathroom stall. My girlfriend is a freak like me and didn’t mind getting on her knees…especially when money was involved. We all walked into the Men’s bathroom. The guy told us that whoever was able to make the big Black cocks cum (either through vaginal/anal fucking or oral sex) that girl would get $100. Then he said whoever could make the big Black cocks blow their loads the quickest would get $200. “Okay Girls”, he said, “You’d better bring your ‘A’ game!”. I’d seen Courtney suck a cock before so I knew she would be easy competition.

There were no condoms around when we got to the stall. Just two glory holes with 2 hard Black cocks flopping out of them. I started with a nice juicy blow job on the biggest one. The guy started fucking my face and moaning. Courtney saw me and tried her best to make her guy moan the way mine did but it wasn’t working so she bent over and started fucking the guy with her pussy. I wasn’t about to let that bitch out do me! So I spit on my hand and rubbed my pussy, making it nice and wet then I bent all the way over and slid my tight cunt on the throbbing Black cock that hung from the hole.

As I slammed my pussy back and forth on the cock I could hear my guy swearing and moaning. My pussy was juicy and dripping wet and it fit perfectly tight on his curved cock! At first his pre-cum just leaked from my pussy on to the floor but then as I slam fucked him super hard with my cunt his Black seed emptied into my womb…a full 5 minutes before Courtney could get her guy to cum. As we waited for her to finish him up I sat in front of my dripping Black cock and licked the drops of cum that still pumped from his balls. He was so in love with me after our session that he asked for my number.

I said no, but I did collect my $200 and went back to the car. Sammy had no idea what me and Courtney had been up to LOL! We blamed the long bathroom break on the spicy 4th of July food we had the other day. Our pussy’s full of Black cum seed, me and Courtney slept the entire way home, with smiles on our faces of course! I can suck and fuck you just as good baby! Or maybe you just want to play around with me to get my pussy nice and wet like it was at the rest stop. I want to soothe that horny rock hard cock of yours! Let me show you how horny I am!



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