A chance encounter with a deep sexy voice saves me and much more!

The feeling of his hand around my neck is something I’m all too familiar with. He pushes me against the wall scolding me for not obeying his rules. I manage to push him off but that only enrages him more as I push my way out the door. I enter the alley just as he catches up to me, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him. Just then a deep sexy voice bellows behind him telling him to let me go.

When we turn and look a handsome but stern man approaches and demands he takes his hands off me. Justin releases his grip but tells the stranger to mind his own business. The handsome stranger places a hand on his shoulder and tells him if he puts a hand on me again it will be his business. He gives me a wink and then walks away as if nothing happened. Justin scoffs at him and then escorts me back into the house.

A Birthday To Remember!

It’s been weeks since our encounter with the deep sexy voice that stood up for me. Things have been fine between Justin and me so we are going out for my birthday tonight. We head to a local club and start to party but it isn’t long before he starts to get jealous and very controlling. I go to the bathroom to get a moment to myself but he follows dragging me out a back door. He starts yelling, calling me a little slut then raises his hand to me. Before he can,  someone grabs him pulling him away from me.

When I look up it’s the same handsome guy from the last time. He pulls me behind him shielding me from Justin’s wrath until he makes him leave. Once he is gone he lowers his deep sexy voice and asks if I’m alright. I assure him I am then he leads me to an apartment a few blocks away. He welcomes me inside and promises I’ll never have to deal with Justin again.

The rest of the night is spent conversing about our pasts and how I ended up with Justin. When I wake up the next morning I’m alone in his bed. I walk out to find him asleep on the couch. I admire his toned body as he lays out and can’t help but get a little excited. I’m not sure what has come over me but I’m dying to see more so I slowly remove his blanket.

Whispers From His Deep Sexy Voice!

As I move it back I can see his hard morning wood poking through his boxers. My eyes become locked onto it and all I want to do is play. He stretches, letting out a soft groan then with his deep sexy voice says, “If you wanted my cock all you had to do was ask.”. We both laugh before he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me on top of him. He looks deep into my eyes and then passionately kisses me, sparking something neither of us knew we needed.

Without a doubt, our lips are made for each other as they intertwine. His hands effortlessly embrace my body against his as he carries me to his bed. Laying me back he kisses my neck before whispering in my ear with his deep sexy voice, “Tell me you want me.”.A chill runs down my body as his fingers trail down my stomach, “I want you.”. He swiftly undresses me leaving a trail of kisses as he goes.

When he spreads my legs apart I feel the tip of his hard cock rub against my aching clit. Sliding his cock in we both let out a passionate moan. Our bodies molded together in perfect rhythmic motion as he thrust his cock deep into my walls. My nails dig into his back the faster his hips drive into mine. Our harmonic moans reverberate off the walls until I beg him to make me cum. He gives a final thrust sending us over the edge, his deep sexy voice breathlessly asking me to stay with him.

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