Religious Blasphemy Makes Me The Goddess You Worship.

Religious Blasphemy is one of the most taboo things I can think of. It makes even the dirtiest mind stop and go. Oh no! But not me! I love every minute of it! In the front pew, I pretend that I know what the hell is going on, when really, I’m just there on the prowl. Whatever, the preacher is on the pulpit jumping around, excited about his love for christ. With as much as he is panting and sweating, you’d think he just got done with a hardcore fuck-a-thon. What a waste!

His prude wife catches my eye. You know the type; hair pulled tight in a bun, no skin showing below her neck but her hands, mouth puckered so tight, you know there has never been a cock able to pry its way in there. I look back at the pastor and decide to have some fun. The next time he addresses my side of the congregation, I slowly uncross my legs, spreading my knees wide so he can look up my skirt and see my wet slit.

I wonder if he can make out the crucifix clit ring I have in?

He stutters over his words and I laugh to myself as I close my legs and sit quietly again. During the closing prayer I catch him peeking at me so I lick my lips and sneak quietly to his office while everyone else has their heads down in prayer, feeling his eyes on my ass the whole time. I sit in his chair, feet propped on the desk, skirt up to my waist playing with my pussy until he walks in and shuts the door behind him.

Yes, I know this doesn’t REALLY seem like the things religious blasphemy is made of, but wait, here it comes! I walk over to him and rub my tight body against him, whispering all sorts of naughty things in his ear. I tell him that he can have me, every hole, over and over, but that there are conditions. Within minutes I have him renouncing Jesus Christ, swearing that I am the Goddess of his worship. I am the one he prays to. For every sacrilegious thing he says or does, he gets closer and closer to Heaven, my wet snatch. “There is no God above Goddess Ember, she shall be worshiped and adored, while Jesus Christ is reviled and ridiculed!”

The Holy Bible is no longer the word of god, it is a dumping ground for spit and cum.

A bolster to prop my hips on while I get rammed over and over by the good pastor. Come to me on your knees for religious blasphemy phone sex ready to worship me and put all other deities beneath me.

And it doesn’t have to just be you and me. We could totally play with some of my friends! I mean come on how fucking hot are they!?! And make sure to ask me about some Totally Free Phone Sex minutes!