Our Release

Your face buried into my chubby twat
Your lips meet my clit suckling and kissing
My legs spread open wide to feed you my sweet juices
You make sure nothing is missed
Your fingers probe my slippery twat
Your tongue works its magic making me scream
“I’m cumming, yes right there!”
You hear me scream and feel my muscles tense
Your tongue tickles my quivering clit
As Your fingers thrust deep inside me
At last, I reach my ultimate release

My juices flowing fastest from my tight slit
Gushing on my face and into your gaping mouth
Laying on my back quivering as you change our positions
I sit on top of you naked and ready to go
Your cock standing tall and hard as rock
Our hearts beat faster and faster with anticipation
Waiting to slide down your fat cock
Taking you into my wet, tight and pink twat of pleasure
We shudder as we kiss deeply
My large tits pressed against your chest
My body straddles yours lower closer
I feel the heat from your large mushroom head
You enter me for the first time
Grind together as one taking every inch of you
Our tongues dance in one another mouths
Moving together as one sliding with ease
My juices slide down your shaft to your balls
You take my hips moving me up and down your cock
At last your cock is inside me, you’re fucking me
You plunge me down on your cock again and again
Your cock slides deep inside my twat like a glove
My twat holding tight to your cock not letting you go
You love the feel my pink velvet heat
Our passions rising fast
We scream in unison as we release as one
“I’m Cumming!” we shout as you pull me close
My pussy grips your cock like a vice
As a fountain of your cum
Shoots deep filling my cunt to the brim
Throwing back our heads moaning and breathing heavy
And shrieking in blissful delight
Our sweat running down our bodies
Soaking the sheets as your cock droops
My nipples relax and soften
Reaching our release in unison
Finding the ultimate pleasure

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