The other day I was having a chat with a new comer here at the Phone Sex Kingdom.  He was so nervous.  He was afraid he wouldn’t fit in or be good enough to be worthy of our attention.   He had no need to feel afraid or nervous.  I was here to ease his nerves.  Kiss away his fears.  Give him a moment of peace and tranquility.   Erotic bliss if you may.

I told him to lay back.  Get very comfortable, completely relaxed  placing his dick in his hand.  I whispered to him to close his eyes.  Take a deep breath imagining me sitting across from him,  in a black coresette with purple lace trim.  Thigh high stockings and gorgeous black stilettos.   I have no panties on.  Leaning back into the chair I place my leg on the arm rest.  Making my pussy spread open wide, exposing my aching clit.  Visible to the naked man across from me jerking his cock.  Mouth watering for a taste of that fresh pussy juice.

I have him visualize my fingers teasing my clit as they make their way into my pulsating pussy.  Penetrating myself.  Imaging myself riding his handsome cock.  I ask him to move his other hand down to squeeze that sac.  Stroking his cock harder and faster.  Ravishing in the thought of my tight little pussy wrapping around his shaft.  Squeezing his juices up and out of his throbbing cock.  Making him moan and grunt like an extremely satisfied man.  Trying to talk to me between gasp of air.  Listening to him come down off from such an orgasmic high was like music to my ears.  It sent an amazing sensation of satisfaction through my body.   I had made him feel good.  I had made him feel relaxed. I treated him the way all men should be treated.