Redhead Fantasy Warrior is a powerful woman who has a vivid vision that came to me.

Redhead Fantasy Warrior is a creation of the inner hero we all posses. A strong and courageous leader who unites a tribe of people and inspires them to rise. Everything about her is passionate and driven by a firey belief that good conquers evil every time. The vision and conviction of a person who doesn’t lose her way, but finds the path. Our redheaded badass will never give up because she is aware of her destiny. This is the woman we know we can be when we operate from certainty and the sheer will of our hearts.

Some time ago where grass grows greener than you have ever seen lives a warrior. This pure spirit calls for peace but has rarely found a life of performing everyday tasks. Finding comfort in a roaring breeze is a luxury she seldom finds because she is alert to the dangers others are not. It is a quality you can not learn, but you’re born with. An inner lioness, always ready to protect her pride at any cost. This woman some call a goddess because her talents seem otherworldly watches over this land like she is its mother.

Early one misty cold morning, before the sheep had even risen, our hero was up taking her thoughts to the hills. A deep questioning had stirred her before dawn, and she needed to uncover this calling. Alone walking through the tall grass, she heard the first hawk cry of the morning and felt connected to the land she cared so incredibly for. This burning feeling that made her mind busy began to haunt her — looking towards the sunrise for the clarity that would have to wait.

A faint sound of a horn pierced her ears as if she blew the siren herself.

Snapping her head to the North, she looked for the bird who tried to warn her. The conflicted thoughts threw her judgment off. Lost in her fog, she ignored the warning cry. A drum rhythm crept over the hills and landed at her feet. In an instant, she knew a battle had found her and her people. The time for fast action was in need more than strategy because the drums were growing louder by the second. Like every fight that has come before, this moment could be her last.

As this Redhead Fantasy Warrior hurried her soldiers for battle, she prepared them for their life’s purpose. Reminding these incredible women and men sometimes far too young to see the carnage they are about to witness, that by banding together they will succeed in life or death. These countrymen matter to the one they stand shoulder to shoulder with. The call for charge echoed through the electric green hills and swords swinging. A Role Play of this magnitude would continue until it is played out in history. The great Lesbian Sex Stories and epic tales would inevitably follow this war for ages. Only time will tell who will be the victor.

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