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Reddit Sex Stories, Have You Jerked Off To Them While Your Wife’s Asleep? Kinky sex stories can turn a regular day into an amazing one. Imagine laying in bed, and that dick is so hard you can hardly stand it. Rolling over and catching a glimpse of the wife that never gives you any satisfaction sleeping away again. Then close your eyes you can hear my voice in your ear and you feel your boxers starting to get wet.  You don’t dare try and call so you do the next best thing; read one of my fetish stories on the site.

The last time we got to chat you wanted me to read one of my stories while you just closed your eyes and jerked that cock. You loved hearing it straight from my mouth; telling you all the naughty real life things I’ve done. There’s nothing like experiencing things first hand, and I know that’s why you love our play time so much. But when you don’t dare and try to call, the next best thing is to read one of my stories.

And there you are, phone in hand reading one of my taboo tales and jerking off underneath the covers. Closing your eyes after each sentence and imagining Roxy’s hand wrapped tightly around your dick stroking it and teasing you. Your boring wife never does the kinky things I always want to do. In fact, I always make your weeks better because I’m always here for you. And even when you can’t hear my voice there are always my stories to look forward to reading. But don’t make it a habit of reading alone, bring that cock over to my house and let’s play!

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