A fuck buddy that came from reading reddit sex stories..

Reddit sex stories are the last place I would have expected to find a fuckbuddy. One night I was up pretty late, just browsing the internet in bed. I might have been a little naughty and started to look up dirty stories. My favorites all involve rough sex, or sometimes rape fantasies, BDSM, the works! Well, after enough browsing, I found a little game that people were playing. You’d post your sex and your area code, and if someone from the opposite sex posted for the same area code, you had to meet up, or even fuck. Curiosity killed the cat, right? I took the bite and tried it.

Surprisingly, someone from my city actually posted.

I felt my stomach drop! Seriously, out of all the area codes in the world, someone actually posted from my city. I was panicked that it might be someone that was completely not my type, but I tried it anyway. Reddit sex stories were never supposed to go this far, how did I end up playing a silly game like that? We set a date, and we met at a hotel, because one of the rules was that we had to fuck. Of course we could overwrite it, but where would the fun be in that? So this last Saturday, we finally met up.. and what I ran into was definitely not what I expected.

We’d kept pictures out of it to make it even more of a surprise.. I thought I’d be running into someone much heavier or older than I am, which aren’t deal breakers on their own, as long as I know the person beforehand! Would you like to hear more about the guy I ran into and fucked? I promise it’ll be a treat. 😉

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