Red Wings are so Fucking Hot!

I love to give a guy his red wings. Seeing that blood all over his mouth just turns me on! When I’m on my period I get SO horny and all I want is someone’s face between my legs giving me some hot oral sex. I want them eating my wet pussy clean. I want to feel that tongue buried deep inside my pussy, tasting all of me. Feeling the red wetness spilling down my inner thighs and onto the sheets.

The first time I ever gave a guy his red wings I was really nervous. I hadn’t realized how erotic it could be. He convinced me to let him eat me while I was “in heat” so to speak. I have to admit, I thought it was really gross at first. It’s bloody, it’s messy, but it felt so incredible! He laid me back on the sheets and put down a towel so I’d feel more comfortable. He started by playing with my clit and fingering me. I saw all that mess and I freaked, but then I saw his rock hard cock. And, it does feel different when things are flowing down there. It gave me a floating feeling. Then, when he went down on me…..all that moistness. Oh god! It gave it that little extra oomph and put me so far over the edge!

Eating a woman out while she’s on her period is considered very kinky, dirty, taboo. I love doing freaky things. First, he starts by sliding the tampon out of me. After I give him his red wings I like to make out and taste the blood and cum in his mouth. I love the sticky, deliciousness of it all!

But being eaten out is only half the fun!

I love to get down and dirty when I’m on my cycle too! I love the feeling of a rock hard cock deep inside my tight hole. No condoms. Just bareback! As I’m getting fucked, the cum and fluid spilling onto the sheets, I like to watch his cock pounding me.

And when we’re done fucking I like to go down on his cock. It’s so juicy and yummy. I love sucking on his cock. Sucking it clean. Tasting my juices all over his member. Feeling him throb under my tongue.

If you want to, cum play with me and explore your kinky, bloody fantasies. I want to ride you and lick each other clean. I want to play in my juices with you and I want to make you cum and cum hard! The messier the better!

After that our messy fun let’s take a hot shower together. Wash each other. Maybe continue our fun by getting freaky in the shower. Our fun would be endless! Let the cum and mess fly boys! I’m no limits, no taboos! Any fantasy you want I’ll fulfill for you and bring it to life. Anything you want…and I DO mean ANYTHING! I’m not afraid of trying anything new. Let’s play!

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