Oral Sex Stories – London Gives Boyfriend Head Under Desk

Oral sex stories are blowjob sex stories (or pussy eating sex stories) and everyone knows what a good cock sucker I am! If you like cum eating phone sex then this is the fantasy for you!

One day I decided to visit my boyfriend at work. I brought him lunch and we talked for a little bit while I sat on top of his desk. He told me he was expecting visitors for a meeting when I started shaking my ass in his face. Despite the fact that his cock was getting hard, he still had a job to do and he didn’t have time to have naughty office sex.

After pouting for a minute, inspiration hit me like a huge cum load. I smiled so beautifully as I got to my knees and crawled under his desk. It was a metal desk with the full backing and somewhat of a tight fit even for a tiny girl like me, but I adjusted myself comfortably after a few minutes.

He eased his chair into position just as his office door opened. I heard footsteps as he got up to shake his associates’ hands. My heart beat so loud and heavy it felt like it was going to make the whole desk vibrate.

After he settled back down, I quietly unzipped his pants and pulled out his already half hard cock. I slid my tongue from his balls to the head of him. He grew so nicely against my wet, hot tongue strokes.

Now he was pulsing and throbbing!

I kept licking as he tried to conduct business. I wrapped my mouth around him, trying not to make too much noise. Bobbing my head up and down would have to do since his associates were so close by. He pulsed harder in my mouth. I grabbed his balls and started rubbing.

There were times he had to cut himself off from talking because it just felt so fucking good. Finally, he exploded and shuddered and hot, thick cum erupted into my mouth with so much force. It tasted so good.

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