Lipstick Fetish

You have been keeping a secret from me, you naughty boy. I would bet that you never thought I would find out about it; did you? Well, I did happen to notice the way that you stared at me while I reapplied my red lipstick on our first date. But it was not until we had been dating for a few months that I happened to find your laptop open on your desk. Usually, I wouldn’t snoop, but I was curious to know what you were so consumed with. When I noticed the Lipstick Fetish Forum open on your desktop, that is when I put it all together. You have a Lipstick Fetish!

I Am A Lipstick Kiss Fetish Tease

Did I forget to mention how your Lipstick Fetish makes it way too easy for me to tease you? And ever since I found out about your secret lipstick kiss fetish, I have been teasing you endlessly with my thick, full lips. Because you are so easy to tease; one of my favorite things to do is to catch you off guard, in the most random places and situations. Watching you squirm and readjust your pants as I apply lipstick brings butterflies to my stomach.

Red Lipstick Fetish

As a result of teasing you for so long, I have gotten really good at applying my lipstick without needing a mirror. As the waiter clears our plates from the table, I grab my purse. I see the eager look in your eyes as you watch me dig into my purse for my favorite shade of lipstick. Quickly finding the shade that I was searching for, I pucker my lips and casually reapply my bright red lipstick at our dinner table.

I Love To Tease Your Cock

Knowing just how much it turns you on gives me so much power and cock control. Did I forget to mention that I know about your Red Lipstick Fetish too? I press my lips together, making a seductive smacking sound as our eyes meet. While you fight every urge in your body to not jump over the table and have your way with me, I give you a coy smile and a wink.

What’s next on your list of secrets? I bet you would love to have sex with a transsexual, wouldn’t you? Picture her pretty red lipstick wrapped around the head of your throbbing cock. Perhaps even your lipstick wrapped around hers. I bet it is totally something you are dying to explore!