I love driving him crazy by leaving a trail of red lipstick kisses..

He loves red lipstick on me – specially when I’m all dressed up to kill. I’ve recently been flirting up a storm with a guy named Michael..and as much as I’d love to tell you about him, I’m dying to tell you what drives him crazy. Something about me wearing red lipstick drives him over the edge, and it got me so curious about guys. I know I can dress to kill in a little black dress and black stiletto heels, specially the ones with the red soles. I like torturing him all night when we go out like that.. Specially if he doesn’t know for sure if I’m letting him have it by the end of the night. The thrill of getting to play with me or not drives him crazy, and I love teasing and tempting him as much as I can in that situation. He could be good, he could be bad, he doesn’t know if I’ll be sweet, or if I’ll play the bad girl card and get him so close…only to shut him down. It’s a little game I play. But the most effective toy to tease him with has been red lipstick..and hell if I know why.

He loves it. Specially when paired up with that little black dress. At first I thought it was just because the first time I got on my knees and sucked his cock while wearing it..he loved seeing the lipstick kisses all the way up. He liked knowing I’d been there, how I marked it all over as I sucked it, and cleaned it all up by the time I was done. I think he loved the little smirk I  got just before I tried swallowing every drop..or taking every inch. Slowly, softly, looking up at him every step of the way so he knew his cock was all mine..

But for the most part..I think what really did him in, was when I wore it with a sexy little black leather dominatrix outfit. He lost his mind that night. Black leather bra, leather thong.. Some tall high heel boots, and he was all tied down and cuffed up for me to play with.. And no matter what he did, he wasn’t sure if I’d be sweet, or downright mean and not let him cum. He was all mine to toy with for the night.. and I think that’s what really got him hooked on my red lipstick – that mean girl streak that makes him wonder if I’ll take control.

Come play with me.