An unlikely Red head Southern Belle

I’m Anna, a sex crazed southern belle! I love pick up trucks and good ole boys. My Tea sweet, and my cock HOT!  I’ve always loved living in a small town, everyone knows everyone. When I say small, my graduating class was 63. Yeah, super small. So In high school, this southern belle ran through almost all the members of team penis in my 4 short years of seniority.
I wasn’t and nor did I claim to be a southern belle, when I moved to NC at age 13.  My idea of a southern belle was based purely on long summer dresses, big floppy hats & huge sunglasses. Nope, thats not my bag now, and it sure wasn’t back then. I’ve always dressed day to day in a punky manor. More like a rocker chick than anything, an although I have nothing against country music, it has never been my favorite.

When I showed up at the front entrance of Podunk High, wearing a shredded mini skirt, and a black tank top with a sugar skull on it, sporting my knee high gothic platforms &  ripped fishnet thigh highs, needless to say I got some looks. I came from the big city of Baltimore, MD, to nowhere, NC. I had a different outlook on life, than my fellow classmates.

The first guy I met. Jamie. He was a skater punk. He wore DC shirts and Lucky Jeans, with vans and beanies. He asked me to hang out after school, and we went in the woods and of course smoked up. I remember getting high as hell with him, and his laugh got sexier. I basically threw myself at my new stoner crush, in the woods by a little fishing pond. We made out sitting on a log in the woods. This was also the day I found out I loved giving head, and also the first time I had ever actually had my mouth fucked. His cock was good, it was long and thick and hard as a fucking rock, and I never wanted to stop sucking it. Once I found my rhythm, I kept dipping him into my throat, just to hear his sexy moans. He didn’t last long, but once he started cumming I didn’t pull away from him, I kept sucking and swallowing his sweet nectar.

The way he said my name was so sexy. The way everyone said my name was. They hung that southern twang on it, and for a long time my pussy would get so wet, when people talked to me.

It is a blessing and a curse to be an audio sexual.

Any way, Im still a southern belle / rocker princess. 🙂

And I still Love giving head in the backwoods.

Do you need some sweet country southern belle lovin?

I’m right here baby

MILF Phone Sex!