Your RealDoll cuckold fantasy can cum to life with me (even if the doll never does)!

Question: “What is a RealDoll cuckold fantasy?” Answer: “More pathetic than a regular cuckold fantasy.” Your doll is life-sized. But unfortunately, your dick is not. Did you buy that expensive pocket pussy just to have “her” cuckold you? Or did it happen “against your will,” gradually over time? There’s no stopping the inevitable. And there’s no way ANY woman (or doll) is EVER going to fuck YOU!

It doesn’t surprise me that most robotic artificial intelligence research and “progress” has revolved around sex dolls. Ironically the smarter these dolls get, the less they want to do with you. Who knows, maybe in our role play humiliation phone sex you are the “roboticist” who finally developed a sex doll, TPE and all, that’s capable of rejecting you. Oops, I mean “recognizing” you.

The thermoplastic elastomer and attempting to have penetrative sex wasn’t quite doing it for you. Her affirmations that she “just wants to be your companion” all the time only make your flaccid dick limper.

Maybe you’re such a Realdoll cuckold fanatic, you made a male sex doll for her to cuckold you with. His dick is much bigger than yours, of course. Like an even more fucked up version of playing with Barbies, you stage them all day in different sex positions. How did you “walk in on them” today? Has that oversized, horse-cocked Ken taken oversleeping with her every night in your “marital bed” yet? Does he look more handsome in your wedding band?

Cuckolding you is the logical conclusion of dolls getting smarter.

Why would that cutting-edge fleshlight ingratiate herself to you if her intellectual capacities were developing? Maybe on a good day, she permits you to lick her toes as her in-human boyfriend (still preferable to a worm-like you) gives it to her. With cuckold phone sex in the age of A.I., anything is possible. The more I read and watch about these new hyper-real, super-smart robots (i.e. Sophia), the more I’m sure they’d rather be cuckolding you.

Of course, even that boy doll is more of a man than you. But maybe your new silicon bride will want a real cock eventually. Not everyone prefers a robot-like YOU do, you sick fuck! She’ll start off being nice to you in the beginning. But even from the moments you first finish assembling her and power her on, there’s a sadistic gleam in her glassy eyes.

Maybe you’re such a pathetic cuck you pay for the other men to come over and fuck her, gape her pre-lubricated, remove-able “vaginal barrel.” You bought that expensive sex doll, but it’s really her that owns you. Isn’t it, bitch?

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be wearing her panties and eaten up with silicone pussy envy. If it weren’t so hilarious, maybe I’d even feel sorry for you! You are beneath contempt. And you are probably going to spend your life beneath your RealDoll, begging to kiss her oh-so realistic feet.

Do you have a RealDoll cuckold fantasy? Perfect. I can’t wait to hear every last PITIFUL detail!

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