Allow me to take you on a Journey, through a real Sex Story, showing you what it is you really need.

She walked into the room her hands tied securely behind her back, she could feel his breath on the back of her neck in this one of a kind Sex Story. Although she knew what was to come, exactly what he expected from her as he pushed her to her knees in the middle of the dark damp room.

He guided her to her rightful place on her pillow in the middle of the room. As she knelt there waiting for further instructions. She felt him clamping irons onto her ankles and binding her to the floor. Allowing him to touch every inch of her body with one swift movement from her head to her toes.

Stepping into the room, since her feet against the cool floor was consent for him to do as he wished with her, allowing him to do anything he desired.

As she sat there she felt his hands inching up her legs she could feel him inching closer to her sweet sensitive spot. Feeling his hand nearing her flower she instinctively let a soft whimpering moan escape her lips proving her need for him.

The look in his eyes as he looked into hers was proof enough that he needed her equally as bad. That he needed to touch, and taste, and feel her flesh on his. To feel the warmth from her body radiating onto his.

“More Please, Master”

She whimpered begging him to touch her and to use her. To give her everything that they both needed and so much more. Although beyond the dark room they lived very different lives, in this moment. At this time, they needed each other. She needed to be used by him. He needed to feel the love she felt for him.

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