One Of Many Real Sex Stories: Fuckin Grandpa’s Friend George

Real sex stories are the best I think! You see, I’m a bad granddaughter who doesn’t visit her grandpa enough according to my parents. I don’t wanna visit him. He’s in an old folk home that’s full of gross old people who smell. Why would I want to go there? I haven’t seen him in months and my mom finally guilted me into going. It was just as boring as I thought it would be so I had to liven things up a bit. I’m amazed I didn’t give Grandpa’s roommate a heart attack but I guess he’s one of the tough old ones.

I was hanging out in Grandpa’s room and trying to make small talk with him when his roommate George came in for a nap. Of course, I thought it was my chance to go home, but Grandpa said I could stay because George could sleep through anything. Then, I tried to ignore George, while Grandpa asked me about how things were going but I could feel him watching me. The dirty old man, lol. There was some noise outside and one of the nurses said they were putting out after snacks so Grandpa shuffled off to get us some juice and cookies, leaving me alone with George.

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That might have been a mistake because he started asking if I had a boyfriend and telling me how pretty I looked. I don’t know how many decades it’s been since that old fuck had a girl like me around, so I decided to give him a treat. I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over him, giving him a good look at my breasts and he started breathing faster. “Can you still get it up?” I asked teasingly as I rubbed a hand over his crotch, the sheet sliding under my fingers. “Oooh, I think you’re getting hard,” I said, licking my lips and heard the door open.

I looked up and saw Grandpa standing there in shock. “Should I stop?” I asked him but he just swallowed hard. “No? Okay, then you watch.” I said as I pulled the sheet back and lifted up George’s shirt. I undid his trousers and flipped the sides open as I shoved my hand into them, taking out his dick. It was wrinkly and semi- hard so I put my hand around it and began stroking him, moving with slow steady jerks.

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It took awhile, but he finally got harder and I made him feel good, by saying “Wow, you’re bigger than my ex!” I jerked him off faster, my hand going up and down his shaft as he laid there panting while his bony fingers gripped the bottom sheet. He was wheezing a bit and I could see Grandpa out of the corner of my eye touching himself. I felt so gross, but so naughty doing this and I tried to get George off. My thumb rubbed his head on the upstroke and my soft firm hand pumped and massaged his shaft non­stop.

He let out a choked sound and blobs of cum shot out of him. Oh my GOD, I nearly gagged, as it fell on me, but I kept touching him until he was done. I wiped my hand clean on his sheet and smiled at Grandpa. “I should be going home now,” I told him and he reached into his pocket to pull out $20. Ever since I was little he’d give me $20 after each visit, so I could buy myself a treat and he’d joke “Don’t tell your parents or spend it all in one place.”

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This time he slipped me $100 and told me to visit again next weekend. I’m going to start visiting him weekly and hopefully meet more of his friends. Are you a dirty old fucking pervert, with a thing for young hot girls? As long as you got the money baby, I don’t give a fuck how old wrinkly you are! Cum and give it to me gramps! Do you enjoy my real sex stories?

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