Real Sex Stories – Daddies Girl Gets SPANKED

Real Sex Stories. I am a daddies girl, Daddies TOY, his special girl. Tried and true. So many times I’ve gotten spanked so HARD for being such a naughty girl when my daddy catches me giving into my sex. I can’t help it I Like to fuck. I Love dick and pussy and I LOVE attention. Who are we kidding? I Love the spankings too. Being punished for being the slut I am, makes me incredibly wet, and Daddy takes care of me in every aspect. Though not my Daddy by blood – He owns me.

How many girls do you know that has a daddy that loves to watch them get fucked? My daddy loves hearing all about each and every one of my real sex stories, my sexual escapades, with one rule- No one is to breed me, but him. He even instructs me on what to wear, and sometimes who to fuck. I Love being daddies dirty fucking slut, and sometimes he even treats me like a princess. Daddy always punishes me when I deserve it, and sometimes even when I don’t.

My goal is to make daddy happy, and to give him what he deserves always.

If you wanna see just how far I will go to keep it in the family, just check out some of my Daddy Fantasy sex stories. I’ve learned to submit to his requests and try not to question. I want to make him feel good because no one fucks me the way he does. I Cum the hardest when he controls me, and if I’m being honest I enjoy the spankings I get. Daddies stern strong hands make my ass quake and ripple when he corrects me.

I get so wet staring in the mirror at the marks he’s left on my ass. Tracing my fingers so lightly because the sting hurts so bad. I know it hurts him more than it does me because even though I scream and cry, the evidence is always in the crotch of my sexy panties.

Real sex stories from a Real Daddies Girl

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