Real Lesbian Incest – Special Bond Between Cousins

Real lesbian incest stories are my favorite. My family is close. Growing up we were always doing the family dinners and reunions. Cousins in our clan are especially tight. Giovanni and Gia are my first cousins. We are always in touch and stay connected. Gia and I have real lesbian incest on a regular basis. She is fucking hot and loves eating that pussy!

Gia is well proportioned with an amazing rack, round firm ass, and legs that go forever. Most men fall all over themselves for her.  Too bad for them, due to her sexual orientation, Gia prefers a fine ass lady to them. Now don’t get me wrong, if cousin Envy suggests a naughty threesome with my current beau or an orgy to excited things up, Gia is all in!

Gia has a tongue of silk that sings to my clit!

Giovanni, Gia and I love playing doctor with each other and have done so since we were kids. My cousin, Giovanni is a doctor and the things he does are all about bringing orgasms to a new level. The three of us still have our fun. Gia is mostly into women unless coerced into multi-partner sex or sex with Giovanni.

For Gia and me, we love a simple twosome. We enjoy pleasing each other and exploring new and fascinating ways to us to a climax. Gia is the queen at eating pussy and I like to believe I am right there with her. Even though she doesn’t want men around, she does love an audience. I have many men that will pay to watch real lesbian incest between two consenting cousins!

Usually, we pick fun and naughty places to host a “viewing.” She owns multiple properties, including a couple empty warehouses. I love to set up a scene with lots of fun furniture, paintings, etc. I send out invites to all my guy friends and let them know the date and the cost of the “viewing” party. Rarely, does anyone decline the invitation.

Real lesbian incest between cousins in so kinky and fun!

Of course, they don’t decline. I am a sexy fucking blond bombshell and Gia is a drop-dead gorgeous brunette. This is a live party with real lesbian incest. Not only is it sexy to watch, if we are in the mood, or high enough, we invite the viewers to jerk off and cum on us. It is insane all that cum shooting all over our bodies!

To start the party, we come in fully clothed. We say hello to our guests and offer a Q & A moment. Once we are ready to begin, Gia and I start to make out. She has gorgeous full lips. I love kissing and tasting her as she works her fingers over my body. Slowly we undress each other, one piece of clothing at a time. It adds to the fun of making the guys wait.

The viewing itself is very erotic, almost as erotic as first-time lesbian porn.

When it is me and my cousin doing it, then it is really fucking hot! I am always crushing on my cuz! She is smart, sexy, and so amazing. As a result, when we have time to play, I am making it amazing. As we undress each other very slowly, we start to touch and kiss along our bodies. My tongue working its way down from her lips to her belly all the way down to her toes.

As I am sucking on her toes, her magic fingers are finding all my “right” spots to make me moan in pleasure. Once we are at opposite ends, we work our way from the feet to each other’s pussy. That is a fantastic sixty-nine and Gia tastes so sweet. We do this for hours for our guests, bringing each other to climax after climax! This amazing time with Gia adds to my amazing skills during incest phone sex.

Nothing better than some real lesbian incest to make the party grand!

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