Nothing hits as hard as the real stuff as far as I’m concerned. Scripted porn can be entertaining to downright hilarious, but for my money, I’ll take real amateur every time. If watching a pretty little thing riding her boyfriend drives me crazy, can you imagine how wet I get if I star in one? Making a real girlfriend sextape turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.

Pete Loves to Play

I had a boyfriend, Pete, back in the day who was into some really kinky sex. He brought home girls for us to play with. We had a massive collection of sex toys: dildos, vibrators, harnesses, rings. And those were just the toys for HIM! He was still relatively new to the BDSM scene and didn’t have a whole lot of experience. But Pete was all about experimentation. I love games, so of course, I was up for it.

Pulled One Over On Me

I put on a pair of lace panties and matching baby blue bra, with thigh high stockings. Pete had me lie down on the bed and blindfolded me. He ran feathers, ice, and then a riding crop all over my body. I remained still and quiet. The sensation alone made me whimper and whine. But I stayed perfectly still, other than the occasional jump or squirm away from the unexpected crop smack across my ass or tits.

Rolling me over onto all fours, he lifted my hips, ripped down my panties, and plowed into me so hard I screamed. That big, thick cock emptied and filled me up over and over. He smacked my ass and told me to back up onto him. I fucked myself on his hard dick like a bitch in heat and loved every second of it. He pulled out and got his “money shot”. Then, I heard his phone lock.

Real Girlfriend Sextape

After I heard the sound, I pulled off the blindfold so fast. No one is going to Superman this ho and record it without her knowing! He reviewed it quickly and got half hard watching his POV camera work still on his knees. I demanded he show me what he recorded and to be honest, I loved what I saw. Is it weird that it turns me on seeing myself getting fucked? That real girlfriend sextape got me so wet. After that, I decided to start recording myself for real.

Going Into Production For Myself

You’d think I’d be incredibly pissed that he recorded us fucking without me knowing. You’re right; I was. The sex was good but still. I dumped him because fuck that guy. Plus I was suddenly more turned on watching myself than I was getting fucked by him.

It was time to work on my setup. First, I set up my perfect porn shoot in my own bedroom. I’m talking soft sheets, perfect lighting, and several locations to put cams to review later. Second, I needed to find a willing participant to record. One of my best guy friends volunteered when he heard about my difficult situation. He graciously agreed to help. What a trooper.

When I walked him into my studio, he helped set the mood with lighting and turned on cams. By the time he touched me, I was practically vibrating with sexual tension and in need of release.

Lights, Camera, Action…

Aware of my angles, I positioned myself just so on the bed. An orgasm gripped my pussy the second he spread my thighs and moved the camera down. I love to watch real girlfriend porn. My own slick cunt spread wide and dripping on video turns me on, too.

Now that I have my “studio” and lighting set, I can record my own porn whenever I like. I try on sexy lingerie and dance for myself. Or I lie back and finger myself until I squirt and lick my fingers clean. I’ve essentially recorded my own real girlfriend sextape to get myself off to!



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