Sometimes I wonder how many of my clients are “trapped” in a real cuckold.

Sometimes after a long day of hearing about wives and girlfriends who’ve been “blacked,” I wonder: how many of these callers are ACTUALLY experiencing a real cuckold?

I already thought about sex and kinky, perverted stuff a lot before becoming a phone sex operator. Now I find myself thinking about sexuality in a material, anthropological-type sense, too. When I’m standing in line at the gas station, I play a game where I guess what kind of phone sex the other patrons might have (or are having). Lately I’ve *~cum~* to the conclusion that most people think everyone is having more sex than they actually are.

My cuck fetish/fantasy vs. reality calculations/guesstimate = the cuckold phonesex confessions I hear are mostly . . . probably not true. Every cuck wants more cuckolding than he’s getting. And maybe some of the cuckolding enthusiasts near and dear to my sadistic Mistress heart wouldn’t even like being trapped in a real cuckold. true

And then sometimes I wonder if those closet cucks who call me to act out their wet BBC dreams are also trolling around on social forums calling other people “sucks” . . . hypocrites who cum hardest when embracing the impotence they supposedly eschew. Do you know what I mean? Pervert paradoxes never end.

Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes the conviction (and real terror) in a caller’s voice suspends my disbelief entirely. If you ARE really being cuckolded senseless like the limp-picked worm you are: GOOD. I’ll get to have a REAL laugh!

Whether an elaborate, taboo cuckolding fantasy has you by the balls or you’re actually, REALLY in a real cuckold: call me. Femdom teasing and humiliation fun make cuckold phone sex one of my all-time FAVORITE activities!! (Kinda like how staying up all night watching pornhub videos about the superior black dick is one of yours)

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke