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I know to most I look like your regular trophy wife and soccer mom. I guess in many ways I am. However, I have quite the real amateur incest secret. I have known from a very young age how to turn heads and just what it can get me. After all, I am daddy’s favorite, and that is how I got so good at incest phone sex. My sexual adventures started a young age since I grew up in a family of swingers and nudist. We were never taught that sex was dirty or bad, but rather a part of our everyday life.

It was not unusual for my mom and stepfather as well as stepbrother and sister to be nude. Mom’s big double D’s just bouncing around and my step dad’s cock is huge. They were not ones to close doors when they decided to fuck, so hearing the moans of pleasure and delight of Real Amateur Incest.

was something I got used to at a very early age. Of course, I was curious and would sneak a peek. I can remember the first time I saw my mom stroking and choking down his big cock. He had her dark brown hair all wrapped up in both his hands and was forcing it all down the back of her throat. They didn’t see me watching that time.

It was not long before watching them became my favorite past time.

I was peeking through. The door the first time they actually caught me. My stepdad was face down in my mom’s pussy. With her gasping for breath and shaking. When she looked up and saw me watching, she did not skip upbeat, she looked up and smiled at me, and then motioned for me to come in, and patted the bed as if to tell me to come sit down.

I am sure I walked slower than usual as I entered their room, my heart was beating, I was face to face with her colossal boobs. I could not take my eyes off his huge cock. Not only was. It long and curved, it was fat and thick! As I got to the very edge of the bed, my mother whispered to me to take my clothes off. I was nervous at first but I always did what Mommy said.

I did exactly as she instructed and crawled onto their bed and sat next to her. She gently touched and caressed my hair and told me to spread my legs. Then, she asked me in a soft loving voice if I liked watching them. Turning, she told me it was my turn to learn how to be a big girl and how to please Daddy. I felt her fingers wipe across my nipples and then come back to one, while she started to twist it and pinch it and asked me if it made my pussy tingle.

Real Amateur Incest Secrets Come To Light

Just at that moment, I watched as she pulled my Step Dad’s head from her crotch and motioned for him to let me take her place. My mom sat behind me with me nestled in her arm. She spread her legs wide and then separated mine as well. My step Dad’s cock got even bigger as he moved his way towards my young bald pussy.

I felt his fingers spread it apart as his warm tongue started to lap against my clit. Wiggling, I tried to move away but my Mom held me tight and in position. Then, I was getting all tingly and kept telling her I felt like I was going to pee. However, I could feel my Mom run her hand down her belly, which was directly behind my back. Finally, I could feel her fingers rubbing. Her own clit while he was licking mine. She was demanding for him to make me cum, so we cum together, the perfect real amateur incest secret finish. My body began shaking uncontrollably as I had my first orgasm with my stepdad and mom.

She immediately told me to start stroking his cock. She grabbed ahold and showed me just how to hold it and how to run my little hands up and down his massive meat. His eyes were bigger than ever as I took it into my 2 tiny little hands. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my little mouth closer and told me to lick it like a lollipop. To take my tongue and run it along the base of the head of his cock. I must not have been doing it right, because she grabbed it out of my hand to show me just the right way with her sharp quick tongue.

It took me just a little bit to master her technique.

I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. He started to jerk around and then grabbed my face and forced it deeper into my mouth as he shot a hot thick creamy load down my throat. The smile on both their faces let me know I had done a good job. He looked at my mom and told her it was time. My mom began to tell me that this was my special day, where I was going to become a big girl. She placed one of her decorative pillows on the bed, you know the ones you are never allowed to touch. But today was different, she told me

To lay down so her favorite pillow was right under my ass. She adjusted it, I did feel awkward at first because it felt like my butt was up in the air. My mom moved in quick, she separated my legs and before I knew it she was licking my clit. As she alternated from my twat to my step dad’s cock, I felt him position himself between my legs.

Just as my mom had licked her way to my next cum session, he forced the head of his huge cock into my virgin cunt. It was stinging and burning at first, but he grabbed ahold of my hips and worked it the rest of the way in with this methodic rhythm until it soon moved in and out with ease. As my mom worked her fingers back onto my clit, my stepdad popped my cherry and filled my little girl cunny with his baby seed. …and that is how it all began with my insatiable incestuous Mom and Stepdad who shortly afterward introduced my stepbrother into the real amateur incest secret family lifestyle.

Happy Holidays from our house to yours!