My pussy gets dripping wet when I think about how I bring your cock to the edge with my hands.  Thinking about how I bring you to that moment ready to shoot entertains me so.  Ready to shoot begging me let you cum on my perfect tits.

Just that right moment you are about to shoot your creamy load, only to whimper as I stop.  Taking my hands off  your aching cock, your balls start to turn black and blue full with cum.  Little did you know I am just as good with my silky feet, hehe yes you heard me I said “my silky feet”.  I wrap my cherry toes around your around your pink mushroom head already oozing pre-cum such perfect natural lube.  Using that slippery pre-cum rubbing my toes, arches and heels up and down your vein covered shaft.

I making you agonize over when I will finish the job and give you ultimate relief, but I am not finished with you let.  Over and over I bring you to the edge ready to shoot that building load within your sac and still I stop enjoying your torment of tease and denial.

Now, how I will finish the job.
Will it be my silky feet and cherry colored toes?
Will it be my hands making a fist around your shaft?
Will it be my sweet, warm mouth?
Will I slip you deep in the folds of my teen pussy or my even tighter ass hole?

The agony of not knowing when I will let you shoot your load is my ultimate pleasure, getting to bring you to the edge of pleasure only to take it away.  Want some tease and denial phonesex then cum to the best!  I wanna hear you beg while I laugh at your pathetic agony!