A raw fuck is what I need tonight!  When that happens, I’m likely to do just about anything. Or, should I say…anyONE?  Cum on, it can’t be just me who gets that carnal lust for it, right?  Maybe I can blame it on the moon phases, or maybe on womanly cycles.  But, I like to think I was just born for sex.  So, of course, the dirtier, the better! Why then, do people watch me, as if I’m a cat-in-heat?  Is it really that unusual for a WOMAN to be in search of debauchery?

You know how a wolfman begins to turn with the moon’s phases?  The same happens to me, only MORE often!  An urge takes over that makes me want to grab someone and have my way with them; so, you’d better watch out!  See me there in the darkened corners of your room, or workplace?  Well, you can rub your eyes all you want.  I’m STILL there.  Like a ghost, once you see me, you’ll NEVER FORGET!

Maybe I’m your neighborhood teen, of that MILF who just moved it.  Whichever I am, I’m the thing that makes you shiver in the night.  Furthermore, you think the light of day will save you.  Hahaha.  How cute are YOU?  You’re easy, Baby.  You think you’re tough, but what you really want, is to be FREED!  So, just DO it!

Maybe it’ll be a casual glance as we pass on the street.  Perhaps it’ll be the touch of our hands as we reach for the same strap on the train. But, whatever it is, the fire will be reignited.  Sometimes when you touch those white ashes, the fire is HOTTER THAN EVER!  Let’s start a Fire!

Get fucked to the point of PAIN!