Come Be Raunchy With Me

I love to be a raunchy slut!
And You love it when I’m a raunchy whore just for you.
So come on you, raunchy boy.
We can be dirty.
We can wild.
We can be raunchy together.
I love when you call me a bitch.
Don’t be gentle with me.
Don’t be a gentlemen.
I love being thrown around the room.
Throw me onto the bed like the dirty bitch that I am.
Pull on my jaw to open my mouth wide.
And shove your mushroom head in my mouth.
Make me suck until your cock is rock hard.
Get the handcuffs out of the drawer.
Don’t forget the whip in the closet.
Now it’s time to get rough and raunchy.
Shove thick fat cock up my fat jiggly ass.
Shove it all in.
Give me every thick, long and meaty inch.
I want the whole cock right to the balls,
Not just the tip.
So come on what are you waiting for.
Call me a slut.
Call me a fat whore.
Slap my giant tits and across the face.
I love it rough and raunchy.
Now its time to get raunchier and nasty.
Come give me a hot golden shower.
On my face and all over my giant titties.
Put a blindfold over my eyes.
So I can’t see what happens next.
I’m that type of raunchy whore.
We gotta give anything and everything a try.
The raunchier the better.
Offer me up to a gangbang.
You and your friends or a group of black cocks.
I’m a horny fat slut.
I need all the cock that I can get.
I never want the orgasms to end.
Now tie me to the chair with the red silk rope.
Shove your throbbing cock down my tight throat.
Take your turn, blow your load then call your friends.
Brag and talk shit about me.
Spank my fat jiggly ass cheeks.
Fuck my cunt and ass hole from behind.
Slap me across the face with your purple mushroom head.
If I start to disobey,
Shower me with your piss and loads of warm cum.
Take a handful of my soft black hair.
Grab my giant titties out of my bra.
Rip apart my sheer panties.
Make me finger my pussy.
Make me ride a big fat dildo with a vibrator in my ass.
While you record it all on your phone.
After I squirt over and over.
Limp on the bed.
You and one of your friends have your fun.
With me in between.
One in the pussy and one in the ass.
We can fuck each other outside.
You can fuck me anywhere and everywhere.
Invite all your friends, co-workers, boss and your family.
I don’t care the more cocks the better.
There is no need for romance baby.
Just keep it hardcore and raunchy.
So what are you gonna do to me baby.
Raunchy is how I love it.
Raunchy is how I want it.
That’s why I’m number

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