Lesbian Stories: Raquel Rugmunches

Lesbian Stories: “I got you a present baby.” he said through slurred words. He had been drinking again. Another night out with his friends while I sat at home alone and angry. Since I was pissed and he was an intelligent man, he knew better than to come home empty handed.

I rolled over from my pretend sleeping pose and all of a sudden a woman puts a hand between my legs and lifts up my silk teddy. She takes her fingers, wets them from her pussy, then passes them lightly across my lips. Stunned and suddenly turned on, I pull her skirt down and watch as it falls to the floor. She parts her legs slightly as she puts both hands between her legs again and begins to play with herself. The movement of her fingers inside her and the overall surprise makes my man and I both crazy. While he is enjoying the show, mesmerized by her pussy and the taste on my lips, this stranger tells me to undo his pants.

I look at her bewildered. She says again, more firmly, slowly and softly “undo his pants.” Still angry I hesitate. Should I? Does he deserve it? I look over at him.

He’s fixated on her touching herself and his hard cock indicates his need to join our party. But I am a cunt and I have no sympathy, so I push him out of our room and quickly lock the door. Jumping back into bed with my new friend, I quickly took advantage of this.

While my man guided through the closed door, our inner lesbians quickly emerged.

The amazing feelings that overcame me as she stuck her tongue in me for the first time, circling, sucking, moving in and out as I got wetter and wetter. After I came I quickly flipped her over and got on top. I did whatever she asked because all I could think about was pleasing my present and pissing off my man. Slowly and seductively she moaned loudly so he could hear what he was missing from the other side of the door. The torture of not being involved or feasting his eyes on this beloved sight excreted his body in the form of whines and whimpers, but I didn’t stop. She was mine and he was to be taught a lesson…..never piss off Raquel 😉

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