Raquel Repays Rent

He offered me his cock. I was reluctant, but I needed my rent paid. We heard the feet of others approaching, he grabbed my hand and led me into his suite, The Presidential Penthouse Suite. Was this really happening I asked myself? Was I really about to fuck my building’s Owner to repay my rent? I. Sure. Fucking. Was.

The moment I stepped into the lobby of the sprawling estate grounds two years ago, I fell in love. I just had to live there. Luxurious woods covered the walls and marble draped the floors. I scheduled a tour with one of the Leasing Consultants. Upon my arrival, I met the gaze of a man. He was tall, dark and handsome and just so happened to be the Owner of the property. He quickly ended his conversation and made his way over to me as I greeted my Leasing Consultant.

“I’ll take it from here Margie.” he said with a wink.

“Are you sure Sir?” Margie was a woman well into her sixties and clearly infatuated as she batted her eyes.

“Absolutely! This stunning woman deserves a personal, private tour of our best units,” he said ushering me into an elevator.

I knew he was into me. The way he stared at my legs, and “accidentally” bumped into me in tight spaces, was not a mere coincidence. I played dumb and pretended not to notice, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see his cock bulging as I viewed a two-bedroom and he viewed my two 34DD tits.

“How Much?” I asked coyly.

“Well, normally, it’s $5,000.00 a month plus utilities, but for you…. We could probably work some sort of agreement out,” he said nonchalantly. I was instantly intrigued. He was young and handsome and only thirty-two with no wife or children. By his last name I knew he was richer than God himself and just so happened to be the Owner of the most gorgeous new high rise in the city, what could he possibly want from me? He must of read my mind because he grasped my hand and pulled me in close. Grabbing me by the waist as we looked out from over the city skyline he said

“Our agreement would be you live here in this gorgeous unit on me, but you must follow my three rules.” He continued.

“Rule No.1 You must always refer to me as Master.” He said as he stared me dead in my eyes.

“Rule No. 2 You must always do exactly as you are told.” What did he mean by what I am told?

“And Rule No. 3, I am the only one who is allowed to dominate you.”

I moved in the next morning. That night after a long day of unpacking I decided to take a long, hot shower. As I toweled off a knock at the door.  I opened the door to find two boxes and a note. It read:

‘Wear this and come up to the Presidential Penthouse Suite in thirty minutes, don’t be late! Xoxo,   Master’

Ripping apart the boxes I found lingerie along with new shoes by my favorite designer. Thirty minutes later I was knocking at the Presidential Penthouse Suite door. Before I knew it, I naked wearing only crotch-less panties. A blindfold covered my eyes and my wrists were tightly bound behind my back. I knelt on a soft, shag rug when I heard his footsteps, followed by his scent. The scent of expensive Givenchy cologne, confidence, and control. I felt a tickle behind my ear, as goose bumps overcame me and a strong voice whispered softly.

“Are you ready Raquel?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I said, quickly remembering that I was only to refer to him as Master or face punishment.

“What’s our little arrangement, Raquel?  He paused and waited for my response.

“You take care of me in every which way Master, and Raquel repays rent by being your on demand Mistress fuck toy,” I said, seducing him with my gaze as I said it.

“Although you remembered some of our agreement Raquel, you slipped and forgot to call me Master, which is the rule no. 1 of our agreement right?” a condescending tone came through his lips.

“Right.” I quickly spit out the word before realizing I forgot Master….again.

“Well Raquel, the good news is that you will, in fact, get to remain my little fuck toy, however, you will also face punishment.”

As he spoke his last word I felt cool leather followed by a sharp stinging sensation. Immediately after the pain, a cool blowing sensation came, he was punishing and teasing me at the same time. Before I could even register the pleasure, a quick flick of the whip in his hand and then the blowing again; my nipples began to get as hard as his bulging cock.

“Lay on your stomach Mistress Raquel.”

I did as I was instructed and laid helpless across the soft, white shag rug that blanketed the hardwood floors of his bedroom. My mind raced trying to piece together what may be next.

Read more next time to find out how Raquel Repays Rent in Part 2!

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