Raquel Reforms Rebellious Rottweiler

“Thanks for finally making it out today,” I growled

My client was fifteen minutes late and there was one thing Mistress Raquel really fucking hated….WAITING.This was his second visit so he was well aware of the rules. Having been referred to me from a few other dominatrix friends of mine, I knew I had to maintain the highest level of control at all times since he was said to be a difficult client. He had been labeled as a defiant and arrogant man who loved being dominated but difficult to break.

“Uhhh sorry Mistress, I had a lot goi-“


“I don’t want to hear your stupid fucking excuses. You know the rules and for that, you must pay.” I said in a way that would evoke fear into a grown man.His eyes grew in fear as he clearly had never served a Mistress like me. Mistress Raquel did not fucking play.

“Get your fucking clothes off and to your knees Slave.” I uttered through pursed lips. Honestly, I could give a shit if he was late or not, I still get paid by the minute, but his arrogance, his complete disregard for my rules, that made me angry. Who did he think he was? Did he think he was the one in charge here? Not until Mistress Raquel was gone from this Earth! I was the only one in charge! I was the only one allowed to dominate! And he was going to fucking learn whether he wanted to or not.

“What are my rules Slave?” I asked.

“ummmmm, rule no. 1, is ummmm, I think…” he fumbled over his words.

“For the love of God, shut the fuck up! I don’t want to hear you anymore.”  I whispered in his ear as I fastened a pink leather dog collar with diamonds around his neck. I tightened it one notch too tight just to make sure he remembered who was in charge here. After the leash was attached I walked him to my dungeon.

“Good Puppy. That’s right, walk like a good little puppy. You are such a good puppy.” I chastised in a tone I would use on my own puppy. We arrived at my bed and I sat down on the edge. As he gestured to join me, I quickly grabbed a whip from my nightstand and jumped to my feet.

“Bad puppy! NO Puppy! You are not allowed on the furniture!” I yelled as I whipped him on the ass.

“Since you want to act like a dog and break all of Mistress Raquel’s rules, you will be treated like a dog and not a man. As a matter of fact, you will now be referred to as Puppy and you shall be treated as such. OK?” I explained slowly as if speaking to a small child.

“Yes Mistress Raquel.” he spoke.

“NO! NO! Puppies do not speak! They bark! You must bark your responses until I say otherwise, do we understand each other?”

“WOOF, WOOF.” my puppy replied

“Good boy Puppy, you are a good puppy aren’t you? You just need to be whipped into shape don’t you puppy?” I asked as I knelt down to pet him like an adorable Rottweiler puppy.I sat back down, positioning him two feet in front of me in-between my legs and in perfect view of my pretty, pink pussy. His eyes honed in as if he were a puppy who just saw a bone.

“Since I’ve got your attention, let’s go over the rules once more,” I said as I watched his eyes grow and his mouth practically drip saliva.

“Rule No 1. You must follow every instruction that leaves my luscious lips.” He didn’t hear a word as he was fixated on my kitty-cat. I continued.

“Rule No 2. You will refer to me as Mistress Raquel, not Mistress, not Raquel, not anything else.” His eyes hadn’t moved, still stuck on the sighting of my sweet, sweet slit. I proceeded.

“Rule 3. I am the ONLY ONE who is allowed to dominate you.” I continued as he was practically panting now.

“And should you break any of these rules what happens my dear sweet?” I taunted.

“WOOF!, I…I…I get in trouble Mistress Raquel. WOOF!.” He stuttered.With one hand on his leash and one hand I on my favorite whip, I began to stroke his back up and down with the cool leather

“That’s right, you get in trouble,” I said condescendingly as I looked down on him.His eyes met my gaze.

“And since you, we’re late and made Mistress Raquel wait, you know what’s going to happen??” His eyes began to plead as his lips fell silent.

“Puppies who don’t follow the rules don’t get pussy.” He was practically hanging on every word.

“And since Rule No. 1 is to follow my every instruction, you broke a rule by being late. “ his expression slumped, not sure if he’d be able to endure his punishment.

“So guess what happens now…..” I let the words hang in the air for what probably seemed like an eternity to his hard cock.

“You get to watch me play with my pussy, but you don’t get to touch.” I unleashed a bitchy smirk as I teased him with my words. I slid back to the head of the bed, removing my g-string before tossing it in his face.

“Here, keep those in your mouth,” I ordered as both knees fell to either side of me, revealing my pretty sweet spot.Slowly I started rubbing it with one hand and keeping a tight grip on my new puppy with the other. Adding a finger, teasing, in and out, making myself wetter and wetter as his eyes grew bigger and bigger, along with his cock.

“Oh, poor puppy, you look hungry. You hungry Puppy? You hungry for some pussy Puppy?” He nodded eagerly almost breaking out a smile.

“Too fucking bad!” I barked, shattering his happiness.

“Only good puppies get to eat pussy. Bad puppies get to watch and eat leftovers. And by leftovers I mean, they get to lick my asshole while smelling my sweet, savory cunt.” I said as I jerked his leash, forcing him up onto to the bed if he didn’t want to choke. I pulled the leash until he was right in front of me.

“Now sit Puppy!” he sat down on his knees faster than a speeding bullet, panties still draping from either side of his mouth.

“Give Mistress Raquel her panties.” He released them into my hand.

“Good Puppy! Now put your hands behind your back and close your eyes.” He did as instructed.

“Now lean forward and smell Mistress Raquel’s sweet, soft slit. But don’t you fucking touch it!” He did. Taking in large whiffs and deep breaths.

“Good boy, too bad you won’t be dining on that this evening,” I said as I pulled the leash tighter until his face met my tight little asshole.

“Now eat my ass Puppy.” He began licking intently.

“No! No! Lick it like you fucking mean it. Do I need to get the peanut butter?” I taunted. He received the message loud and clear as he dove into my asshole with his tongue and engulfed me. Just as I thought, I was the one in charge. Mistress Raquel Reforms Rebellious Rottweiler puppies in her sleep and not even a disobedient puppy could resist the taste of my tight little pucker.