The Night I Was Raped By My Teenaged Nephew

My sister’s oldest son was never a good boy, so to speak. Even as a young child there was something sinister about him. Whenever I was asked to babysit her kids I always cringed and said, “Do you really need me? Are you sure there’s no one else available?” I suppose I was uncomfortable with her oldest son even then. It was the way he looked at me. I always felt like he raped me with his eyes when he looked at me.

As her kids got older her eldest got stronger. He was lifting weights and playing football and was crushing his opponent in wrestling. My sister always had a hard time with him. He would talk back to her and be very disrespectful. Even his father was fearful of him because he never would stand up to his son. Especially when he had grown to be bigger, taller and stronger than his dad. My eldest nephew ruled his household as a teenager. It was like an old Twilight Zone episode where no one wants to say anything in front of him or express their thoughts for fear of what he might do.

I made up more and more excuses to NOT come over to their house.

Like everyone else I too was afraid of the monster that my sister brought into the world. He was like a ticking time bomb that no one wanted to be around. One day while I was packing up things to move into a new apartment my sister called. I was glad to hear her voice. We girl talked and got caught up and then I told her that I was packing to move. She asked me if I needed help and I said, “Sure.” I thought that maybe she would come over and we’d have a fun sister day packing.

But when I heard the knock at my door the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood up. When I opened the door I saw her eldest son standing before me with red eyes and smelling of liquor. He said, “My mom says that you need some help packing so I volunteered.”

I was nervous and said, “Oh that’s okay I think I can handle it on my own.” But he ignored me and walked into my apartment like he owned it. He said, “You don’t come around much anymore, Auntie, and I been wanted to visit with you. You know you’re hot and you always turn me on wearing those tight skirts and low cut blouses. So since you won’t come to our house I thought I’d come to yours and show you how much I’ve missed you.”

The tone of his voice alerted me that he meant to do me harm.

I ran toward the front door to escape and he grabbed me by the hair, drug me to the sofa and threw me down on it. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge 8-inch cock that was hard as a rock. He ripped off my shirt and my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles. Then he climbed on top of me and said, “I’m going take this pussy of yours and ride it hard all day and you better not say shit to mom about it or I’ll make sure you don’t shit about anything ever again, bitch.” He shoved that huge cock inside me and ravaged my body. I’ll never forget that horrible day that I survived. That was the terrible day that I was Raped By My Nephew.         


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