Raped, But I Liked It

He kept me captive for days, maybe even weeks.  I wasn’t sure how I got there, I just knew I woke up on the cold hard floor.  My clothes had been stripped off and my hands bound tight behind my back.  I was so scared.  At first I wanted to get away, but as the days faded into night, night after night, I began to enjoy my captivity.  I began to enjoy being raped hard.

He wasn’t a bad looking man.  His voice was raspy and rough.  He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey.  He played with my hair and caressed my skin before placing his hand on my throat and forcing his big hard cock deep into my tight holes.  The first few time I couldn’t help but cry.  My tears dried and I felt my tight little pussy getting wet.

 How could I be enjoying this?  But I was.

At this point, I almost look forward to his return.  He had untied me and allowed me to wonder around my dark cold room.  He knew by the way he made me cum hard I was wanting him.  The feeling of his hands on me as he bent me over and pounded my tight young cunt made me bite my lip with anticipation.  I get so fucking turned on thinking about his cum flooding into my holes.  His scent was all over me.  His cum was dried to my hair, face, tits, and trickling down my thighs.  I could still feel his big meaty cock in my ass.

As I sit here now, I’m anxious for his return.  How would he use me this time?  How could I serve him better?  Keeping my captor happy is now my only purpose and I am ready.

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