James was a Engagé Volontaire (Recruit) in the French Foreign Legion. At  least he hoped to be. Only he was falling behind on the physical and mentally excruciating challenges everyone had to endure to receive their Kepi blanc. It was a hard honor to get. If you failed you had Sergent Chef up your ass. That guy was always up James’s ass.

After making it past the 4th week of training James was starting to crack. He knew the long march that was coming in a few days. His fellow recruits were not a huge fan of him. When they got their small weekly allowance to buy small items like chocolate or chips, he tried to win them over by buying what he could and share. Only they looked at him like the weak link in the strong chain of potential soldiers.

James laid in his bed wide awake knowing he only had a few short hours sleep. His body hurt for the punishment he received for being slow. The Sgt Chef made him carry large rocks from one pile to another in the hot sun. There was about 1000 feet between each pile. He craved his Kepi though.

James heard some stirring from the others in the barracks. He saw dark shadows of men standing over him. In a flash he was flipped over and a dirty wool sock shoved in his mouth. James was confused, he felt a pillow shoved under his hips and a military issue wool blanket pulled taught over his back, holding in place to not resist. His arms were held next to him.

He tried to look about, but could see nothing but heard everything. One of the recruits leaned in behind James and growled how he was going to motivate him to get his weak ass in gear. “Maybe you just need to be fucked into being a man” After that was said James felt a shot of pure fire ripping his ass open. He bite down hard on the wool sock. Tears streamed down his face. The pain was over whelming. 4 recruits took turns raping James. Each pumping their hard cocks in and out of him. They hadn’t seen a woman in weeks so a piece of ass was better then nothing. Plus this might motivate the sad fucker under them.

James could see the Capitaine standing in the door way watching everything. He didn’t move to save James. Which lead him to believe this was an ordered correction. The next morning James stood at attention getting ready for the march. He felt like a broken man. Everyone had their canteen of water and began marching and singing Le Boudin.

They marched from Perpignan. It was a 65 mile back to the training camp in Castelnaudary. His ass hurt but he trekked on. He pulled through and did get his Kepi Blanc. Sadly the men enjoyed him so much they made visits often in the dark of the night. They raped and violated him constantly….only they didn’t know they he had become accustomed to it and actually enjoyed it!


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