I always had a huge fantasy of being raped and LOVED having rough sex.

My boyfriend knew of my fantasy to be raped. He also knew just how rough I liked it and had no complaints when it came to wrapping his strong hand around my throat while he fucked me. One night we were out having dinner we had just finished and were getting ready to leave. Instead of making me walk in my heels, he told me to wait for him while he got the car. I stood by the entrance for a bit but it ended up getting fairly crowded so I moved off to the edge of the building. I wasn’t even paying attention to anything behind me; So I was too busy people-watching with all that was going in front of me.

I felt a presence behind me but before I could do anything about it a hand wrapped tightly around my mouth at the same time one grabbed me by the waist. I couldn’t scream and was being held too tightly to fight. The strong arms started to drag me back into the alleyway between the buildings. I felt the bulge in his pants pressed up against my ass as I struggled to get free. I knew I was about to get raped and started to freak out.

He whispered into my ear for me to stop fighting him or it was just going to get worse.

Where the fuck was my boyfriend!! Did he even see me getting drug off into the dark alley to know where to look for me? I struggled a little more, trying to fight off this strange man but it was no use. He was too strong.

We were so deep into the alley now that there was no way anyone could see us unless they were actually looking.

One of my fantasies was to get raped but this, in real life, was a little scary. My pussy was not on the same page as my head though and my attacker was about to find that out. He pressed the front of my body against the cold brick building and lifted my short dress to my hips. I wasn’t wearing any panties because I knew how much that drove my boyfriend crazy but now I was thinking twice about that decision. His moan of approval rang in my ear as he slid his fingers up and down my wet slit. “Mmm…you like this don’t you? You’re nothing but a naughty little slut teasing men with your sexy body. You fucking deserve to get that sweet pussy raped. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you standing there all alone while you waited for whoever that man was to come get you?” he kept going on and on whispering in my ear.

I heard him dragging down his zipper and started to squirm even more trying to free myself. Before I could do anything he had his cock slamming up into my wet pussy. I screamed as he forced himself deeper inside of me. Pounding harder and harder into me he said, “Now that’s one tight little pussy. How can a little cock slut like yourself manage to have a tight little cunt like this?!”

My pussy was so fucking wet it was hard to deny that I was loving every second of this.

He turned me around and I saw that it was my boyfriend. He gave me a little smile before he wrapped his strong hand around my throat. My legs came up around his body and he kept fucking into me so hard that I could barely even breathe. His fingers tightened around my throat, pushing my head back as he continued pounding my pussy harder and harder.

My nails were digging into his shoulders and back as our orgasms took us over.

As my pussy tightened around his thick cock I felt him pulsing inside of me. Stream after stream of his sticky cum shot deep into my fertile womb. I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend actually raped me in a dark alley. It amazes me how he went so far to make one of my hottest fantasies come true! We walked back to his car hand in hand with the evidence of our naughty fun dripping down my legs. Well, whatever didn’t hit that target inside of me. Who knows, we might just end up having to take care of a rape baby. LOL It’s not often that MY fantasies get to be brought to life. I’m always so good at doing it for others. Give me a call; let’s get to fulfilling each other’s fantasies! I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. hehe

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke