Rape Fantasy

I never thought that day would be the day I would be the victim of rape.  It was just a regular day and I had an appointment for my cable to get fixed.  It was hot and I was wearing a halter top and shorts.  I really didn’t think anything of it, but I guess you could say I looked like I was asking for it.  I heard the knock on the door and outside was a regular looking man.  The usual, normal looking cable guy.  I let him inside and showed him the cable box in my bedroom.  He said he would get straight to work and it shouldn’t take too too long.  Walked off, not waiting to be that annoying customer.

I came back in after a long while only to find him in my pantie drawer.  Then I started yelling some not so lady like things, and he came charging towards me.  I was in shock and before I knew it he was on top of me ripping off my shorts.  I tried to scream but nothing came out.  He put his hand around my throat just as I felt his cock thrust inside.  I tied to kick him off, I tried to fight, but nothing I was doing was making him stop.  He was just too strong to overpower and I was helpless.

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend this rape wasn’t happening.   He just continued to pound into my pussy.  His grip on my throat made me feel like headed and I thought I was going to pass out.  I wasn’t that lucky.  He was tossing me about like a rag doll, undoing my top, and squeezing my tits so hard.  I felt the tears in my eyes escape and roll down my cheeks.  The sight of my tears made him laugh and he told me I was just a dirty slut who was looking for a good fuck.

When he was finished me packed up and left.  I sat on the floor for a long time trying to make sense out of what just happened.

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