Rape Victim Chase is scared.

Rape victim diaries -DAY ONE

I woke up bound with ropes and a mouth gag, blindfolded in a car. Don’t know where I am heading. I feel sick to my stomach as though I was given some sort of intoxicant to make me pass out.
After what feels like forever, the car comes to a stop.

Two people grab me from the backseat I fight and kick. I feel metal against my forehead and a man’s voice telling me if I don’t shut the fuck up now they will be finding a dead body instead of a Rape victim. Then I begin to cry my blindfold is soaking wet with my tears.

I am placed into a brightly lit room on a cold hard table. My blindfold is removed by the man with a gun and he starts to rub his cock with his free hand. He tells me they will have so much fun fucking me. He decides to remove my skirt and little pink cotton panties and rips off my white button down t-shirt. There I am basically naked, I’m scared and cold.

My predator then takes his cock out of his pants. He spreads my legs open and on each side of the table, there are ankle straps he straps me into. I am going to have fun making you my little Rape victim.
His cock touches my pink pussy pushing his way into me. It hurts I scream out in pain as he rams his cock deeper inside me. I notice blood trickling down onto the floor, he tore me open with his rough in and out thrusts.

He grabs my hair from the front as he’s fucking me and spits in my face.

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