Rape Stories: Her First Time Was Extremely Rough

I just turned 21, I was waiting for Mr. Right so I was still a virgin. I didn’t want to be that girl that just gave out what made me special to every guy that came knocking. I didn’t get my fairy tale ending though. Let me tell you my rape stories. That’s right stories, plural as in it happened more than once.

It was about a week after I turned 21, I still hadn’t been to the bar yet and my girlfriend insisted that she take me. I thought it might be fun so we went to this Irish Pub downtown. I have strong Irish roots so it fit me perfectly.

We get there and immediately my girl gets us drinks and saw a guy she thought was cute.

Just like that she leaves me sitting at the bar all alone, doesn’t she know this is how most rape stories start?

I try to ask her to stay but she’s gone. I’m sitting there sipping on a beer all by myself when a gentleman comes up to me. He was extremely cute. Sexy jawline, green eyes, dark brown hair and muscular. I was kind of taken back. He could have any girl in here. Why me?? I soon found out.

He asks if he could buy me a real drink. Of course, I say yes. I mean who says no to a guy like him. He orders me a Fat Frog.  It was amazing. We start to talk and laugh like we have known each other forever. It was so perfect in every way, he was so charming and sweet. I start to get pretty drunk and decided it was time for me to leave. We get a cab together. He wants to make sure I get home safe and this is where my rape stories begin.

Once I was home, I start to get undressed and hop in the shower.

I heard a weird noise but brushed it off as being overly paranoid.

I lay down in bed, my hair is still damp but it smells like coconuts. Then I heard my closet door open.

I look over and it’s him, the guy from the bar! I jump out of bed. He grabs me by the throat and slams me down. Kissing right under my ear and nape of my neck. He chuckles and says he loves coconut. I feel his hand slip under my nighty. He is playing with my clit. I’ve never had ANYONE touch me there before. I smack his hand away.

“The more you fight the more I’ll love it, so give me all you got sweetheart”

He was a damn fool if he thought I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

No one was going to take my virginity tonight. I smack him across the face, he is laughing.  got him hard enough to bust his lip but he just comes right back at me with a smack. I start to lose sight but I quickly shake it off. He has ripped my nighty off now. I’ve heard so many rape stories and they always told me if it ever happens to me to fight. I wonder what made him start wanting to rape women. Did he have a cheating wife that just drove him insane?

My perky c cup tits are just hanging out. Nothing to protect my upper body. He points at my panties.

“Those are coming off next”

The look on his face scares me more than anything, this is a game to him. I’m not sure if you could smell or see the fear on me but I figured if I can’t fight him I might be able to outrun him. I try to make a run for the door that is to the left of me. I turn to start to make a shot for it as I feel a hard tug on my hair that slammed me on the ground, knocking the breath out of me.

He’s on top of me now and there is no point in even fighting it anymore.

I feel him rip my panties off. He pulls out his cock. It’s way too big. There is no way that will fit in me.

I’m crying now, begging him not too.

“I’m a virgin, please I’ve waited so long. Don’t do this. You don’t have too.”

His reply “Do you know how rare a virgin is? I’m taking this for myself.”

He knew. How did he know that I was a virgin?

He starts to work the tip of his cock inside me. “Plus look how wet you are? You must really like me.” I don’t like him but I am like a waterfall down there. He pushes really hard and it hurts so bad, I’m moaning and crying and with one final push, I was no longer a virgin. He was my first.

This will forever be how I remember my first time.

Out of all the rape stories I’ve heard and read none of them started out by having their virginity stolen.

He’s thrusting harder and deeper inside me. Holding my hands up above my head. He is breathing so hard and smells like whiskey. “You might as well enjoy it, I know you like it.” Kissing my neck. He puts both my wrist in his one hand and starts to play with my nipple.

It does feel good, no matter how much I don’t want it too. Then before I know it I’m cumming all over his huge disgusting selfish cock. How could he make me cum? I guess that really got him excited because he is thrusting so hard and it hurts. I can feel him bottoming out. Then one final thrust and he cums deep inside my pussy.

He’s laughing, “I’m so glad I didn’t tell them that you were a virgin. I wanted that all to myself”

“Tell who?”

He lets out a really loud whistle, my bedroom door opens and three other men walk in my room. They all took there turns with me. This is where it becomes rape stories. For hours they raped me.

Every one of them got me to cum on their cock.

After it was all done they put me in the shower and washed any bit of evidence off of me. Not that I was planning on telling anyone anyway. Soap dripping down my tits, their hands caressing every inch of me. As if they haven’t taken enough from they can’t even let me shower alone.

I don’t want to be another one of those girls telling rape stories to try and make herself feel better. I’ll take this to the grave with me.


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