I love being in control but sometimes its feels so good to just have someone take that control away from me. Force yourself on me with A rape role play. This weekend my boyfriend took all the control away from me and completely surprised me with an unexpected rape role play. I was lying on the bed in my t-shirt and panties watching a horror film on tv, It was so cheesy I passed out in the middle of it. I Awoke to the feeling of cold hands running up and down my body. I panicked my boyfriend was out of town for the weekend I was all alone with this stranger touching my body. I couldn’t see his face it was dark and he was masked. I screamed but he covers my mouth with his hand.

He climbs on top of me I try to beg him to stop but my screams are muffled by his hand. He’s completely quiet not saying anything while ripping my t-shirt off my body. He yanks down my panties and touches my pussy with his fingers. Tears stream down my face as my screams remain muffled. He takes his hand off my mouth and hold my hands over my head. I beg him to stop, “Please don’t I won’t ever tell please stop.” I watch him unbutton his pants, my pleads and begging turn desperate. He takes his cock and forces me to give him oral sex. Forcing me to choke and gag. Tears roll down my cheeks the further into my throat he goes. When do you think I’ll figure out its just a rape role play? “ I try squirming my way out from underneath him but his grip on me is too much, I’m left with nothing but muffled screams and begging.

He takes his cock out of my mouth I can finally breath again. I feel him drag his hands down my sides, I start getting shaky he slides his hands down between my legs fingering my pussy as I keep begging “ My boyfriends going to be home any minute, please don’t do this.” (Me still thinking he’s out of town.) He doesn’t stop he takes his cock and forces it into my ass. I can feel his cock stretching my ass with each thrust. He balls deep inside me I feel him throb I scream NO! I can’t take it I fight back but he over powers me and flips me over onto my stomach. I still put up a fight but he spanks my ass every time I move around he spanks me so hard I feel my cheeks stinging. He spanks me again and again thrusting harder and harder. Then when is all said and done pulls off his mask. Completely surprised not sure if its my kinky mind or if its just so hot but his rape role play was actually a turn on. Masturbating alone? Give me a call.

Rape Role PlayKinky Kelsey