Rape – I Might Say No But I Really Mean Yes!

Rape role plays tend to be seen as such a taboo subject, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun!  Sometimes saying no when you really mean yes just spices thing up a bit.  Sometimes, being man handled and used is just what a girl need.  Hell, this girl is even asking for it!  When I want to get into a good rape role play, I go all in!  I want it to feel as real as possible.  I want both of our fantasies to cum to life!

There we are out at the bar.  I have on a skimpy little dress that is just screaming “slut”.  I know what I am doing to you, and you know it too.  I’m asking for you to take me.  I’m asking for you to rape me!  When I head out for home, you sneak up behind me.  I feel your hand around my mouth and I try to scream but nothing comes out.  You pull me down the dark nearby alleyway and whisper in my ear.  You tell me to shut my whore mouth and take what I’ve been begging for all night.  I try to get away, but you over power me again and again.

You rip my panties to the side and I feel your cock enter me.

 I scream and I feel tears running down my cheeks.  The more I beg you to stop, the more turned on you get.    I have to admit, I felt myself getting wet too. fucking loved having a strange man rape me! What the fuck was going on?  I could feel the orgasm swelling in my belly and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.  He felt the walls of my pussy tightening around his cock and he just laughed.  He called me a whore again as he shot his loud into my pussy.

That night, I met him back at home.  We both smiled at each other with wicked grins.  Rape role plays aren’t for everyone, but they sure as hell work for us!

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