A Rape-mance Story

Some girls won’t tell you about their deep dark secrets… But then again, I’m not ” Some girls” Since a very young age, I’ve always been entangled in a web of sex and rape. I was curious about every aspect of it, and I explored whenever I could. Porn, was just a doorway that opened, and led me into a sexual spiral, that I don’t ever want to leave.

I was about 14 when I discovered a short porn entitled “Against her Will”. I remember sitting at my desk, in my room, and it was WAY past my bedtime. My Brother asleep in the room adjacent to mine, and our parents down the hall. I grabbed my pillow and stuffed it under the crack in the door to hide the light from the screen. ( My Mother had bitched about me having a computer in my room, but, I have always been daddy’s little girl *wink*)

I cut the volume very low.

And I watched:  A beautiful brunette woman, was walking down the sidewalk, her heels clicked against the concrete. A white van pulls up on the street beside her. He asks her for directions, and it seems he can’t hear her well. He steps out of the van, and starts to walk up to her, and you can see she is uneasy. Then another man, runs by, snatching her purse.The woman screams and the man from the van runs after the other guy. Looking behind him, he sees the mans gaining, so he throws the purse. The man from the van picks it up and returns it to the distraught woman.

The beautiful brunette is so thankful, but still distraught. The man offers her a ride home. She accepts. He helps her Into the van, and returns to the driver’s seat. He introduced himself as Tom, she offered herself as Elaine. Tom began eyeing Elaine’s beautiful shapely stocking covered legs. Elaine began giving directions to her home. They made small talk along the way.

Eyeing her again, he asked her how much she charged, and she gave him a puzzled look. He reached over and squeezed her thigh. Elaine slapped at his hands, ” I am no WHORE!” she screamed. Tom apologized profusely, telling Elaine, that she was so beautiful, and it was so late that he thought she was a lady of the evening. She told him he was PATHETIC, if he had to pay for it.

Tom, went passed the turn.

Elaine told him. Tom, was silent.

She screamed for him to stop the car. Still silent.

She jerked at the door handle.

” That won’t help” he broke silence. Elaine cried.

The van pulled on a wooded path, and slowed to a stop. Elaine gasped. Tom Stood, and turned toward Elaine.

The he Snatched her hair, and drug her kicking and screaming into the back of the van, and roughly pawed at her. He said ” I’m pathetic huh? ” He grabbed her Face, and spit right into her mouth. She cried, and he slapped her hard. Tom told Elaine, she was going to suck his dick, and if she bit him, he would fucking kill her.

( I didn’t even notice until this point that I had been gently touching my clit, and my puffy pink nipples were protruding through my shirt, I was so enthralled, I didn’t even want to blink)

He Pulled out his dick, and rubbed it onto her tear streaked face.  He grabbed the back of her head urging her toward him, and she cried and sobbed. When she opened her mouth, these strings of gooey spit connected her lips, and he shoved her head down on his cock and began skull fucking her.

Elaine gagged, and choked and fought at him, scratching his arm with her nails.

He yelled ” YOU BITCH! you fuckin made me bleed!” and slapped her HARD, knocking her over.

He knelt, and yanked her legs apart, forcing himself between as she kicked at him and flailed her arms. He was going to rape her.

He RIPS her panties, and Places his hand around her throat, fighting to push inside her tight pussy. He bares all his weight down on her neck, so her face reddens, her eyes bulge, and her demeanor calms.

He SLAMS into her. ” I’ll show you PATHETIC, you fucking WHORE! ”

Elaine almost passed out from his weight baring down on her throat. He grunted and growled as he used her hole, as he ripped it. She winced.

He was like an animal, a beast. Someone that wasn’t human. A fucking Machine.

He rammed her over and over and over again, degrading her, spitting on her.

Her eyes began to roll back, her body began to loosen, And he released his cum, into her unwilling pussy rape.

He opened the sliding door of the van, and pushed her out. He threw her torn panties at her, and told her to clean herself up she looked ” Pathetic”.

Cum flooded my panties.

Romance or Rape-mance?

Something a little twisted?

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