You have probably noticed that you don’t see me write about rape fantasy or forced sex role play too often. There’s a simple reason for this: You literally can’t rape a dirty little freak like me! I love rough sex! Love choking! I love being thrown around aggressively and fucked hard and deep! Even if I HATE you, I am still curious to see what that cock of yours can do! So when most girls would be screaming “no no no!!!!” I’m screaming “Yes yes yes! Give it to me you dirty motherfucker! You wanted it, take it! harder! harder! Is that the BEST you can do?” 

Now. Having said that. Please don’t EVER get the idea that I have anything against being the one in the rape fantasy who does the raping! I’ll be MORE than happy to force my sexual will upon you and violate you either mentally and/or physically! After all, I’m superior, and you’re one of the toys I play with to amuse myself. If I want to take you; make you scream; make you beg; force you into uncomfortable scenarios for my own entertainment .

Why shouldn’t I? You’re MINE!

I’ve been especially turned on by rape fantasy scenarios since I got pregnant. Those damn hormones are making me extremely aggressive! I could easily slip into my strap on cock, sneak into your house, tie you to the bedposts face down, and then let you wake up to a huge DRY cock getting shoved deep inside your unsuspecting asshole! Go ahead: scream! Beg. Plead for mercy. Tell me it hurts like I don’t already know that.

I won’t stop. You’ll be violated over and over. Your asshole, your dick, and your mouth. Any and EVERY part of you is fair game! I might even bring a friend into our reverse rape fantasy and make you participate in some forced bisexual action! We both know you secretly WANT that dick in your mouth, right? Don’t worry. You won’t have to admit it. I’ll force you to do it so you can pretend not to like it and keep your dirty little homo secret safe! =)

Does the idea of being raped by a hot little whore like me turn you on?

Screaming for me to stop while you secretly enjoy the physical pleasure and humiliation of my cock pegging you like an eager little man whore? Hearing me laugh as you beg for mercy? The pain you’d feel in your balls as I squeezed them hard and told you to stop crying like a little girl and take that dick in your ass like a man?

If so you should probably call me. Because I WANT to violate you and make your reverse rape fantasy cum true with Free Phone Sex!