Random hookup sex with the mail carrier dude sounds cliche, but it’s been way beyond my wildest expectations!

Again, random hookup sex encounters like this one might be considered stereotypical, but there’s a good reason why cheating sex stories are so popular. I mean, what’s NOT to like? A privileged, young trophy wife. One unapologetically masculine mail carrier. It was a cheating sex match just waiting to happen!

If you’re gonna cheat, you might as well do it RIGHT. Cheating on my rich husband, with a virtual stranger, no less…we’re BOTH getting what we need and deserve, don’t you think?

I’ll admit it, sex with my crusty, aging husband went stale soon after the wedding. Okay, he was nice enough. Seriously! And he definitely treated me like a queen. But let’s face it, I’d basically married him for his money. Since he spent most of his time away on international business trips, can you blame a horny college girl for seeking her erotic fulfillment elsewhere?

Tall, dark, fit, and personable, Braden always flirted shamelessly with me when I answered the door. Like usual, just the sight of him walking up to our front door made my mouth water and my pussy throb. I’m sure it was “hard” on him too. Oooh, see what I did there? ~smirk~ Anyway, I made sure I was just barely “street legal” whenever the doorbell rang. Of course, that meant he always sported a huge boner whenever he laid his sexy eyes on me.

After a dozen deliveries and a million mutual flirtations, I could no longer resist the temptation to indulge in random hookup sex!

Pretending that the latest special delivery was just too heavy for this petite girl to lift, I asked him to bring his “package” inside for me. Closing the door behind him, I turned to face the obviously very aroused mailman.

Naked beneath a short, nearly transparent pink robe, I dropped to my knees. After freeing his monster hardon from his coarse uniform shorts, I eagerly gave him a long, slow lick from balls to tip. He groaned, his eyes falling closed as I hungrily feasted.

Quickly losing all self-control, Braden buried his hands in my silky blonde hair while deeply thrusting in and out of my willing throat.

It didn’t take long before he rewarded me with his creamy, hot load. He slowly pulled out while I licked my lips, savoring the remaining cum droplets.

Amazed, I saw that his rigid cock was ready for more. So was I. After I teasingly led him by his dick into the kitchen, he immediately lifted me up onto the center island. We moaned together as he tore off my robe and sunk himself balls-deep into my excited, drenched cunt.

My nails dragging down his back, I screamed as the first orgasm overtook me in a blinding wave. This was just our first fuck of many, of course. These days, Braden has a key and can “cum” straight in with his “special deliveries.” Fuck YEAH, baby!

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