I love “pandering” to racial humiliation sex fetishes.

In some ways, if it stars a limp-dicked white man and a giant black cock, a cuckolding fetish could be seen as racial humiliation sex. It recently occurred to me that another form of racial humiliation phone role-play fun might involve re-centering your whiteness/utterly FLACCID faggotry as an Ashkenazi Jew. And then enter me, your Aryan princess. Emphasis on the “SS.”

A new panty boy called me for what, much to my sadistic delight, was something FAR more niche and specific than your (really MY) “run-of-the-mill” humiliation phone sex. I could tell he needed to be brutally dominated even while taking his billing information. He had that desperate, panicked, decidedly un-elegant cadence that makes my cold heart go pitter-patter.

“I was afraid to call you. You intimidate me,” he said in his quivering, sniveling whisper.

I HAD to laugh when he told me why I intimidated him so much. It was because I reminded him of his MOTHER! How pathetic. His dominant Mommy took his not-so-latent, oh-so-predictable Oedipal bullshit complex to the inappropriate levels only a former Playboy Bunny model could. A dominant Mommy who, other than my pitiful new client’s father, dated exclusively black men. For the purposes of THIS racial humiliation sex story, I’m going to focus on the Jewish male humiliation, Nazi/Aryan Goddess aspect of my fantasy. And, of course, its ENDLESS (and endlessly, utterly fucked up) possibilities.

I’ll make Irma Grese look like the loving, compassionate nurse she originally aspired to be.

Irma Grese, an infamous female SS officer who rose to the top ranks at Auschwitz and was the personal assistant of Josef Mengele, is often called “The Most Evil Woman That Ever Existed.” Bullshit. That Nazi cunt has nothing on me. Imagine the terror you’ll feel as I patrol the barracks late at night. I patrol any time I please really. Your life and death hang on the most FLEETING and arbitrary of my whims.

Sure, “Arbeit Macht Frei” as the words inscribed above our lovely camp gate remind us. But you don’t want to be free. You want to live in constant fear of me. The contrast between my striking beauty and inhuman cruelty, murderous viciousness is horrifying. Horrifyingly compelling, that is. The Volksgeist blood running thick and hot in my superior veins is what compels me.

You’ve heard I sleep with female prisoners sometimes. But what chance could a puny Jew “man” like you have with me? Perhaps if you’re lucky, I’ll sodomize you before I send you to the gas chamber. I could use a big black strapon. Then again, I could use something a little more common for a Christ killer like you. Perhaps the end of my rifle? Or one of my tall black, lace-up stiletto boots? If I do use my hand, I’ll be wearing a medical glove of course. I don’t want my pristine Aryan hands contaminated by your filthy Jewish swine disease. God, you make me SICK.

Anti-white racial humiliation is my FAVORITE variety of racial humiliation calls. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a Zionist by day. By night (i.e., when you call me), I’m going to un-liberate you and give you what you REALLY deserve, you disgusting half-dick. All in the name of the Vaterland, of course!

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