A Quicky is just perfect for what ails you!  I mean, have you ever had one of those days where you can barely concentrate on the tasks at hand?  When you just NEED to find a HUGE RELEASE in the shortest amount of time possible?  And your mind races…then settles…on the new guy (or, girl…LOL) and before you even let a plan begin to settle, you’re pushing that button on the phone, right? “Would you step into my office, please…and HURRY.”

A quick notification knock, then the door slowly swings open.  Max walks in, looking a bit scared.  I couldn’t blame him.  Being called into the bosses office when you’re already a temp cannot be reassuring.  I could read his thoughts like newspaper…’I really NEED this job.  Oh My GOD!’ Giggle.  I started off behind my desk and with a flourish of my hand, asked that he sit on the sofa.  I believe I heard him gulp from where I sat.  I felt the first bubble/gush of wetness begin to escape my pussy lips and I shifted in my plush, warm leather seat.

“Well, Max…how long have you been with us?”  Another gulp.  I fought the urge to laugh.

“This is my second week of the assignment.  I’m hoping to stay the whole six weeks.  Maybe even stay on permanently, if I…” I waved a hand at him.

Too much chit chat gives me a headache.  He just needed to sit there and look sexy as hell.  He filled a dress shirt like he stepped off the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly! His abs filled the front panels so well I couldn’t have seen them better if he took the shirt off! LOL.  And his pants!  Oh, my!!  Be still my heart…and pussy! I shifted again and rose from behind the desk.  As I walked, I knew he could smell my wetness.  I could smell the pineapple scent of my pussy in the air, which had suddenly becum thick with desire.

I sat next to him and stroked the backs of my fingers against his bulge.  Max nearly JUMPED from the couch!

“Umm.  Miss Sinclair…Please.  This is not allowed.  The company frowns on…”

“Hahahahaha.  The company I own?  Or, did you forget that small fact, Max?”

I was beginning to be turned on by that nervous gulping sound.  Giggle.

“Now, Max…I’m going to need you to go to the Executive washroom and into the large stall at the end.  Have a seat there and wait for me.  And, Max?  Don’t even THINK about telling anyone, or NOT being there when I cum in. I need a quicky and today, you’re my huckleberry!  Understand?”

He didn’t nod so much as shake…Mmmmmm.  I just LOVE a good quicky aphrodisiac appetizer!  Plus fear is such a great motivator.  And this chap clearly wanted to keep his job here. LOL.  And when I pushed open the heavy raw-wood door leading to the main salon of the Executive spa, I knew he was there.  Fear flowed freely from him.  But, in fairness…it was mixed with a healthier than normal dose of anticipation as well.  Yummm.  I was going to enjoy this young man!

I cleared my throat as I approached the stall, my fingernails lightly grazing each stalls wooden door as I passed. What? I already explained that fear is a great motivator!  Hahaha.  He cleared his throat as well and I smiled.  He couldn’t see it through the door, but I did.  Possibly the first real smile of this shitty day!  I stopped the fingernail sounds at the door to the stall BEFORE the one in which he was waiting for me.  And just then, I smelled something else…A MAN!

At the perfect moment, Max had let go of the fear and embraced the gift of the office afternoon quicky hit him.   Perhaps thinking ahead to his future possibilities here if he were to make the Dragon Lady happy?  I smiled again as I pushed the door fully open.  My eyes didn’t fall first to his cock.  They fell on his eyes, then his lips…the bottom a full, plump, sexy pink bag of delectable skin that I suddenly NEEDED to suck.  My tongue rushed him, but softly, caressing his lip, then sucking it into my mouth.  A low moan escaped his mouth and landed in mine.  This time, he FELT me smile.  He smiled back.

His hands groped at my skirt, sliding it effortlessly over my bare ass.  I saw te look of shock at me not wearing panties, but my face held all my secrets safely tucked away.   He’d never tell anyway.  This type of setup ALWAYS involves blackmail.  If I was going to be his Mistress, he would becum my slave!  I have done this before…can you tell?

Feeling like a  little phone sex quicky in your day?  Call me.  I’ve ALWAYS got a tale to make the afternoon feel like you’ve been on vacation.  Call me and here about my office exploits with youthful interns.  Summer’s CUMming…and I’m hiring!

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